Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to the Books

The big boys went back to school this past week. The transition went better than I could have imagined. Jack really wanted Amy to come see he and Ben off, so he did wake the chica up. Here is a picture of the three of them (Luke watched from inside, wrapped in his blanket..watching a show...with his apple juice..)

Geez, Red Sox shirts. Something new and different in my house.

Here is the chica waiving goodbye to her boys...

And here is smilin' Little Chief as the bus passed...

It wasn't until Friday when I was able to get my traditional group shot with our buds. And it was a special day because our friend Miss A. had her first day of school and was taking the bus for the first time. Miss A. and Luke have been friends since birth...but six weeks difference in age can sometimes end up in different grades at school. But Luke happily was dressed and ready to see his friend off on her first day. Here they are together.

And here is my annual group shot. I just love all of the morning squinty eyes.

Miss A. was all smiles....until the bus rolled up to the driveway. Then Big Chief had to step in and help her to her seat.

She sat with her big brothers...and as I understand, she did great and had a great day. I think her own kids will get a kick out of seeing this picture some day.

So the bus left and Luke, chica and I went home and finished the rest of our day. I just have to add this picture because all I can think of when I look at it is "Cindy Lou Hoo".

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