Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's a Wrap

Every year since my kids started school I realize how short the summers are. One minute they are leaping off the bus on the last day of school and the next they are waking up with the nervous excitement of the first day.

This summer did go by quickly. But it was great summer...with some great highlights:

Jack and Ben played on their first competitive kid-pitch baseball team. It was an amazing group of kids and parents and it was a wonderful season. The kids praticed beginning in the winter with indoor batting practice and then moved it outside as soon as they could. They worked hard and learned a ton, and it all paid off for them. They ended up winning the Pre-season tournament, their division, the "States" title and were lucky enough to experience the "Regionals" in CT - all in their first season together.

I was blessed to have my boys play together on the same team. I was able to watch every game without conflict. And those of you that know me realize that I am a huge sports fan. It pains me to miss watching my kids play. I think my mom must have been the same way, because I don't remember having soccer games or swim meets without her there.

Anyway, both boys had great seasons. Jack pitched quite a bit and also played catcher, short and third regularly. Here are a couple pictures of him in action:

Ben had a great season too and was one of the youngest on the team. He played both infield and outfield and pitched a couple of times. Here he is in uniform:

I have a feeling we're headed for many more baseball games over the years. The season lasted through mid-July which is why we waited to take our family vacation to Cape Cod until the very end of July.

We rented a house in Chatham for a week and had a glorious weather week. Every day was beach-worthy and the kids had a blast at both Nauset Beach and at Oyster Pond. Here's the chica enjoying the warm water at Oyster Pond..

and running from the cold Nauset waves....

Luke was all about digging, catching critters, getting buried in the sand and riding in the waves....

Ben enjoyed the waves at Nauset too and I loved that I could spot him out in seconds in his red swim shirt.

And Jack could not get enough of the waves. The water at Nauset was 58 degrees and he would not be denied. He especially enjoyed hanging in the waves with his cousins.

So baseball and Cape Cod were great. And I already talked about our great weekend in NH in another post. Those were pretty much the highlights of our summer. That about wraps it up!


Deb Hanna said...

ok, now where are your first day of school pics??

mdunklee said...

I felt like I needed/wanted to do a summer-wrap-up post! I'm working on it!

Craigwp said...

What a great job you've done on this blog. Where do you find the time? Photography and writing are tops!