Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Entry

I know I'm still figuring out the whole photography thing. But I'm getting there...slowly. The homepage I open to on the internet is Boston.com. They have a new section for amateur photographers called RAW. I saw that they are starting a monthly photo contest. This month is a beach theme. We were at the Cape in July and I didn't get any good landscape pictures of beaches. But I did get the zoom lens out and attempted some pictures of the boys surfing in the waves at Nauset. I picked one of the pictures and submitted it. I enhanced the lighting a little, cropped the picture and added a vignette. I posted it... and low and behold, I can see it posted! Here is the link...


Anyone who has the time or interest in looking at the rest of the pictures submitted will note that mine doesn't hold a candle...but how exciting to see your picture online! Yea!

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