Monday, September 22, 2008

All Tied Up

Okay, I realize the soccer posts might get boring for nonfamily and those not interested in sports. But it's the life I'm living right now and what I'm taking pictures soccer postings it'll be!

We had to split up on Saturday because the big boys and Luke both played at noon. I took the big boys and Chica and Chris took Luke. Luke's team ended up with their first win.... very exciting. I never got a clear final score, but it was something like 5-1. Luke got his first goal and was so excited! The big boys lost a heart-breaker 2-1.

Sunday, we all got to go to both games. Jack and Ben played first. It was quite a match-up. The opponent got a 3-0 lead and I was not optimistic about either a tie or a win. But the boys battled back and did end up with a tie. Jack played goal for the second half so I was on pins and needles. He did an outstanding job and had a few great saves. Below are a few action shots of Jack vs. penalty shot.

Phew...close one. Jack was pleased with his second-half shut-out.

Ben once again played his little heart out.

Luke and the Lightening played next and they ended up in a 2-2 tie. He was able to score twice for his little team and I was so glad I was able to see and capture his excitement. Here he is...focused on the prize. (Lisa - see the cleats? The same ones that Ben had to wear to the Science Museum? They are lucky for Luke!)

And here he is getting some skin from coach.

And although she's not playing soccer yet, the Chica continues to make us laugh with her antics. Sensitive to good blogging material, Daddy captured this picture Saturday morning. Great job, hon.

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