Friday, September 5, 2008

His Turn

Luke started with a new soccer team a couple of weeks ago. Finally, it's his turn to have games and practices that his brothers and sister have to come to. Finally, he's the center of attention....the spotlight of the family.... He has waited patiently, and it is finally his turn.

What's pretty neat is that all of his closest buddies are on the team too. So this is going to be fun. The team decided on "Lightening" as their team name. They have had two practices so far and don't start games until next weekend. I am impressed so far. There is a good number of 4 year olds on the team but the kids are doing a pretty good job of paying attention and listening to coach.

Here are a few pictures documenting Luke at the second practice. I almost didn't want to post the pictures, as his choice of clothing clearly demonstrates the lack of color coordination. Unless, of course, you are dressing for a Christmas party. But you have to choose your battles and I'm happy that he can dress himself.

Here is some stretching

Here he is practicing throw-ins....

A little dribbling....

And they did a little scrimmage at the end of practice. He was very pleased to be picked to do the throw-in.

Stay tuned for the real stuff when games start!! Merry Christmas!

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