Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday Fun

On Friday morning we went to visit our friends for some play time. Our special friends were also watching Chica's friend, Miss R. Chica and Miss R are both the babies of their families, fourth-borns, less than two week apart in age, and have very similar hair. I think I see a special friendship in their future. Perhaps we'll blink and the two of them will be playing soccer together or having their dance recitals or posing for prom pictures. But for now, we'll enjoy the smiles. I love the pictures below where they are smiling at each other. The smiles are genuine....they were excited to be riding the John Deere together.

And here is the whole crew posing...

And here is a picture of Miss R alone. I was pleased that I captured such an adorable shot of her and had to post it. Got some catch lights, Deb.... :>

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Deb Hanna said...

2 of my favorite cuties together! Love it!