Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I came across Pastor Ryan's site from Pioneer Woman's site. I love the site and have it saved as a new favorite. In today's post he is asking for people to post something with "Sevens", so I figured what the heck....maybe I'll make some new blogging friends. For those who may venture over to my site...I'm a new blogger and would love your encouragement!

I have three young boys and then I was blessed with a beautiful little girl..referred to in my blog as the "chica". I was not trying to have a girl after three boys....I merely got lucky. I'm definitely more a boys' mom, I think. I don't accessorize well or pamper myself and I love sports. But here are 7 things I'm secretly digging about having a girl:

1. The clothes. Definitely the clothes. Gosh, I was getting a little tired of the boy's stuff to be honest. Girls clothes are so cute...with the tights, cute shoes and dresses....

2. She wants to help me around the house already - at 2 years and 2 months old. She puts away her shoes where they belong (men don't get that gene) and other things where they belong. Heaven on earth.

3. She looks like "Cindy Lou Hoo" in her nighty.

4. The toys - how nice to have a doll carriage and dollies now instead of trucks and trains and Star Wars figures.

5. Our whole house has forever changed now with an extra female. Her brothers adore her and my husband now has a "daddy's girl". And hopefully she'll help me whip them into shape over the years and teach them how to be respectful of the ladies.

6. She seems to enjoy shopping. We may have lots of this together in the future while dad has the boys fishing. This could be good for me because I'm not a big shopper. Or maybe we'll both start fishing too so we won't be left out.

7. We've made some nice new friends at our playgroup. Having a girl has opened me up to different circles of nice people!

On a separate topic, here are the top 7 shows we have been TIVO'ing this summer

1. Dirty Jobs (hubby, but kids and I also enjoy)

2. How It's Made (hubby, but kids love too)

3. Deadliest Catch (hubby, but I'm hooked)

4. House Hunters (Me)

5. John and Kate Plus 8 (Me)

6. Family Guy (definitely hubby)

7. Man vs. Wild (hubby...and me when it's not too gross)

7 Things I'm Proud About in My Quest to Learn Photography

1. I haven't shot on automatic in months and months.

2. I can shoot on manual and adjust aperture, shutter and ISO and get a pretty good picture

3. I bought a Kelby Photoshop Elements book and learned a few things on Elements, including various different ways to convert to black and white

4. I started a little sports photography business with a friend and actually made a few bucks! Husband was very pleased.

5. I learned how to download actions and actually purchased a set!!

6. I became pretty good at using the clone tool to remove unwanted things in the background of pictures.

7. I have gotten myself hooked on many photographer mom blogs - I don't know if this is good or bad.....

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Holly said...

Makes me want to have a little girl. Well, not really! (My appreciation for baby days is long gone!) but you make it sound so fun. I am a mom of two boys 12 and 13.

Welcome to blogland!