Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Testosterone Weekend

What a gorgeous long weekend in New England. The weather was glorious. Fortunately, it's going to be a few more days before we feel anything from the hurricanes down south. So it's working out well that I didn't buy my kids any back-to-school clothes yet. Why would I bother to rush out and have new things for the start of school when they aren't going to wear them until..probably October?

So, testosterone seemed to fill the air in my house and around the neighborhood this past weekend. Lots of outdoor activity. It began on Saturday morning when Chris threw Ben and Little Chief some touchdown passes in the front yard. Gotta love these two second-born boys. Normally soccer players, I am now starting to worry that we might someday lose these two to the football team. They are both fast, fearless and able to catch. Both are on the smaller side too, but so is Wes Welker. Ugh. Maybe I'll hide the all of the footballs for the next several years. Oh, and I also wanted to mention that watching these two was so enjoyable for me. Both second-born, inwardly competitive but laidback...no tears, anger, stomping off the field or shoving. Just good, clean fun. I know a couple of my friends (who shall remain nameless) will appreciate this.

Here are some action shots of the spectacular catch attempts.

Luke and Chris got into frisbee. Sometimes I realize that we really don't appreciate Luke's coordination and abilities. He was quite good at accurately throwing the frisbee and catching too.

Riding bikes was probably the biggest weekend activity. The boys were on them non-stop. They stumbled across a patch of sand at the bottom of my neighbor's driveway and practiced skidding a gazillion times. I had them move their "skidding patch" to the bottom of our driveway before long. They raked and groomed the patch to get it just right.

In addition to the skidding practice, my husband decided he was going to seek out or create a bike trail in our woods. For the first time in eight years, my boys have been introduced to the depths of our (damp) woods. I never ventured to check it out and never got any pictures because I was too busy endlessly sweeping up the dirt that they kept tracking in the house every time they came in for a drink or snack. If we can escape Lyme disease from this it'll be a miracle.

I think that covers most of the testosterone. The weekend wrapped up with 'smores and two-on-two soccer at the D's last night. My boys were so tired this morning I had to wake them up for school. Sounds strange, but I normally don't have to. All in all a nice weekend. I am happy to report I practiced a lot with my camera, shooting on manual and changing up the settings. I'm slowly making progress in that regard. Oh....wait.....I forgot the chica. Do you think the testosterone is rubbing off on her?

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