Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun with School Pictures

I've been thinking about this post for a while now. I know some of you will find it humorous, interesting or entertaining. I was recently rummaging through my bin full of memorabilia belonging to Chris and me. His mom was very good at saving his old grade school class pictures. My mom...not so much. There are a few of my school pictures, but none of my class pictures. I do think that we have some school pictures from the same grades. I can't specifically tell which grades, but I think I can match up our ages based on our teeth. Don't laugh. Those of you who know us know that we both have big teeth. In some of our school pictures, the growth of our new teeth looks to be at the same exact stage.

Well, Jack is the only one who has his adult front teeth. I have scanned Chris', Jack's and my pictures from (approximately for us) second grade, and I would like to take a poll as to who you think Jack looks like based on Chris' and my school pictures. Now, you'll quickly notice that there is also a similarity in our bangs. I don't know if it was just the times or what, but Chris and I both have these horribly straight-brushed bangs. When I see Jack brushing his bangs forward I bring out these pictures to remind him why it's not such a good idea.

Okay, so here are the pictures of Chris and me. No comments from the peanut gallery.


Me... (I was fighting the curls from a very young age)

Our first offspring, Jack....

So, I can't wait to see the results!!

And while we're on the topic of school pictures, I have to share Luke's school picture from last year. When I showed up at his preschool to pick him up one day last spring, the teachers were so excited for me to come in and see Luke's school picture. Hanging along the wall were all of the kid's pictures. I worked my way along until I came across Luke's picture. Here it is.

Admittedly, I was speechless and confused. I inquired as to "what was with the hat?" The teachers looked at me so seriously and said, "He said you wanted him to wear it". From this I learned that 1) Luke is very convincing and 2) My taste must not be so hot.

Luckily, I did not purchase but one 4X5 picture and a class picture. And I think this is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long while.

Hangin' Up the Cleats

Fall soccer ended for all of the boys last weekend. Jack and Ben's team had a Jamboree on Saturday. They had a tie and two losses in the Jamboree and that put an end to an interesting season. Both boys are looking forward to starting indoor soccer in the next couple of weeks. Ben will be playing U9 and Jack is thrilled to be playing U10 (on the bigger fields!) with some boys who he played with last year. I'm sad the outdoor soccer is over because I just love to watch the boys play. But I'm looking forward to watching them play indoor too! Here are a couple pictures of Jack and Ben at the Jamboree.

Luke and the Lightening wrapped it up with an 8 am game Saturday. I never thought he would make it to that game, but he did. It was a funny season for Luke's U6 team. They all started out enthusiastic, including Luke. I loved watching him hustle and he was able to score a few goals too. But at some point, he just lost motivation. It was hard to get him to play, and when he went out to play, he was fooling around. He went from this...

To this:

But he was so happy to get his first medal.....

I'm very proud of all of the boys for their efforts! The outdoor cleats have officially been removed from the shoe pile outside the front door and are being tucked away until spring.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boy Toys

It's kind of interesting that I should have three sons. I grew up with one sister and there was just not a lot of boy influence when I was young. Luckily, I love sports. My mom loved sports too and I remember watching countless Sox games with her and filling out the score sheets as the games went along.

Toys for boys have been sort of fun for me. I learned all of the names of heavy equipment trucks like backhoes, loaders, graders, etc. My boys all seemed into trucks at some stage of their lives. Ben and Luke liked Thomas Trains and that was a fun phase. Never got into Power Rangers. The Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards I can do without. They end up all over my house and have caused issues with the 'trading'.

Now, Legos...those are cool. I never played with Legos as a kid. My kids get an occasional set for Christmas. And even though there are a gazillion pieces, I so enjoy watching the kids put Legos together. It amazes me how good they are at following the directions. You really have to observe the directions to see what is going on. My kids sometimes need me to help them find a piece that they can't seem to find, but they can mostly put the sets together by themselves. One afternoon I decided that I really wanted to give Luke my full attention, so we worked on putting together the Star Wars Hoth Rebel Base set he got for his birthday. I helped him get the pieces and he pretty much followed the directions. It was so fun!

That particular day we were in the dining room and the sunlight was so bright I decided to get my 50mm lens out and try some fun stuff. This is an inexpensive prime lens that you can get the cool effect of having part of your picture in focus and the background blurry. All of my favorite photographer-blogging moms do such cool stuff with their prime lenses. So, I got mine and played around and came up with the following shots...

Kinda cool, huh? And Luke, of course, loves this Star Wars set with all of the shooting stuff! Boys will be boys! I finally got one that likes guns and light sabers...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cat Reunion

Saturday was a crazy day!! Two soccer games, a birthday party and then a performance at the Fall Festival in town. After that....the Chiefs came home with their new pup (definite future post...stay tuned) and the Red Sox persevered and forced a game 7! I'm pooped.

So, many of the kids from Luke's class last year reunited to perform their Cat Show at the Fall Fest in town. Admittedly, it was a very fun reunion of kids and parents. It made me remember how much I enjoyed the group from last year. Many of us had been together through 2 kids at B-Tree...so at least four years of passing in the driveway, field trips, birthday parties.....

It was downright cold for the Fest. Chica almost didn't make it through. I was hoping she would stand up and sing, but she started losing it and Chris had to bring her over to see the bunnies to keep her happy. I brought my zoom lens and was able to get some pictures of the kids singing. I'll leave it to Deb to post the big group shot. So, here are some pictures of the kids who I know the moms wouldn't mind me posting on the blog. Frankly, Robin expects it. And I expect her to remember her darned password so she can leave me a comment every once and a while.

So here are some of the crew...don't they look like they are having fun? Well, almost everyone...

Clearly, this was the strong end of the line-up.

And here are a few fun pictures I took before the cat show began..and before the Chica lost it. She was stylin' in her sunglasses and Sox hat. And Luke and Ben clearly enjoyed the donut eating game.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our First Decade

Today is a big day. Today marks the day of my tenth year wedding anniversary to Chris. I cannot believe ten years has gone by since we tied the knot. Ten years ago today the weather was in the 70's and the foliage was beautiful....just past peak. In the last ten years we have moved from Boston, purchased our first home, had four beautiful children, got two dogs, had many laughs and also some tears...and thankfully are still are best friends. It has been a wonderful ten years.

In honor of this special day, a post of tens it is....

Here are 10 pictures from our wedding:

Here are ten facts about Chris and me:

  1. We have known each other since freshman year of high school, which was 1982 I think. We have known each other for 26 years. We dated/were engaged for 5 years before we were married. So we've really been together for 15 of the 26 years we've known each other.

  2. We never dated during high school. We hung out in the same group of kids, and admittedly had crushes on each other. But never dated until after college. Our stories how it all came about are a little different. My story is I called him to go out while I was home one weekend. His story is that he worked it through my mom. (I'm right).

  3. He is the ying to my yang. Although I like to have fun, I am the serious one and he is fun one. I'm the Type A - he, the definite Type B. I'm the morning person, he is the night person. But we are a good balance for each other...I think, anyways!

  4. While we were dating, many people would say that we looked like brother and sister.

  5. We are both the youngest in our families. He is the youngest of four and I am the younger of two.

  6. I dare say we were on the cutting edge with our wedding favors. We created a mix tape of our special songs and gave them to our guests. The CD jackets also had information on the reception seating assignments and the dinner selections. Here is what the front and back of the jewel cases looked like:

  7. We never had a plan regarding how many kids we wanted, when we would have them, how much space in between, etc. We just went with it.

  8. Chris proposed to me on the bridge to the swan pond in the Boston Publick Garden. Swans have one mate, forever. Here's where it all began:

  9. I am his Ed McMahon. He has a great sense of humor, and I laugh at his jokes...even the ones he uses over..and over..and over again.

  10. Our wedding day tops the list of best days ever for the two of us. It was awesome to be surrounded by our loved ones and friends. Everything went smoothly and we had a great time. It just all went by way too fast!!!!

Happy Anniversary, Hon. Love ya

Monday, October 13, 2008

An the winner is....

...not me. My snake photo wasn't recognized in the top ten. But that's okay! The good news is that a couple of the photos that I voted for were in the top three. Anyone curious enough can go check out the winners here. At least I know that the person who picked mine for the top 50 thought it was interesting!!

So, this month's theme is Get Close. So far most of the entries are pictures of insects on flowers. I don't have many macro pictures so I took a different approach. I submitted a picture that I love of Luke "shaving". The picture shows Luke 'getting close' to the mirror so he can really get a good shave. I love the way you can see his profile slightly out of focus and also his full face in the mirror. I also love the 'shaving cream' that is in is hair. Here is the photo:

I guess we'll see! Thanks for anyone who voted for me!!


What a glorious long holiday weekend. You couldn't ask for better weather for October. All of those lucky brides who got married this weekend!!

The peak excitement at our house happened Sunday morning when Chris went out to get the newspaper and discovered that the Havaheart trap that Jack left out over night had a critter in it. Backing up a little, Jack's friend Brendan came over to play on Friday and brought his Havaheart trap that he had been "trapping" with lately. So that motivated Jack to go get the trap we had stored in our basement. The two of them kept busy all afternoon placing their traps at various spots around the yard trying to catch chipmunks, squirrels....anything. They never had any luck together.

Jack slathered a bunch of Ritz crackers with peanut butter and left them in the trap all night long. And that's when Chris went out to find the hissing, growling squirrel just dying to get out....

Here is Jack inspecting his catch...

The trapped Mr. Squirrel was almost more than our Buddy could bare. He has been chasing the darned squirrels up the trees for three years now. And now....one trapped right in front of him. The following picture doesn't begin to show his trembling legs. I've never seen such a thing. He was literally trembling looking at the tree rat.

The squirrel had done a pretty good job of bending the trap door out of shape. Chris had to get some gloves and tools and pry open the trap to let the thing go. Boy was that squirrel happy to be free.

Anyone beat that excitement this weekend??????

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time to Vote!

So, I mentioned earlier that I have entered the first two of Boston.com's RAW photo contests. Well, it's time to vote for the September picture. I just went to Boston.com and found that a judge picked 50 of 109 pictures submitted to be voted on by the public.

And mine got picked!!!

Whoo hoo!! The theme was "My Neighborhood". What I decided to submit was the following picture I took of Jack holding one of the many snakes that he, Ben and Little Chief caught this summer.

I thought it was so cool how just the snake's creepy little head was in focus, but you can see Jack in the background (of course with his Sox shirt and Phiten necklace). So if you are diggin' the photography stuff and have time to vote...click on over and give me your support! Plus, you get to see some other cool photos! Click here to vote! You'll have to page down and then drag your top three choices to the boxes.

Thanks to those who vote!!!!