Monday, October 20, 2008

Boy Toys

It's kind of interesting that I should have three sons. I grew up with one sister and there was just not a lot of boy influence when I was young. Luckily, I love sports. My mom loved sports too and I remember watching countless Sox games with her and filling out the score sheets as the games went along.

Toys for boys have been sort of fun for me. I learned all of the names of heavy equipment trucks like backhoes, loaders, graders, etc. My boys all seemed into trucks at some stage of their lives. Ben and Luke liked Thomas Trains and that was a fun phase. Never got into Power Rangers. The Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards I can do without. They end up all over my house and have caused issues with the 'trading'.

Now, Legos...those are cool. I never played with Legos as a kid. My kids get an occasional set for Christmas. And even though there are a gazillion pieces, I so enjoy watching the kids put Legos together. It amazes me how good they are at following the directions. You really have to observe the directions to see what is going on. My kids sometimes need me to help them find a piece that they can't seem to find, but they can mostly put the sets together by themselves. One afternoon I decided that I really wanted to give Luke my full attention, so we worked on putting together the Star Wars Hoth Rebel Base set he got for his birthday. I helped him get the pieces and he pretty much followed the directions. It was so fun!

That particular day we were in the dining room and the sunlight was so bright I decided to get my 50mm lens out and try some fun stuff. This is an inexpensive prime lens that you can get the cool effect of having part of your picture in focus and the background blurry. All of my favorite photographer-blogging moms do such cool stuff with their prime lenses. So, I got mine and played around and came up with the following shots...

Kinda cool, huh? And Luke, of course, loves this Star Wars set with all of the shooting stuff! Boys will be boys! I finally got one that likes guns and light sabers...

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