Monday, October 6, 2008


My baby boy is turning 5 in a few hours. I can hardly believe it. Life has flown by since he was born. Now he sits in the middle of four kids...with two big brothers and one little sister. Not an easy spot to be in, but I have all the confidence in the world he can handle it.

As I was thinking about his birthday post, I remembered that Pastor Ryan was looking for "Fives" entries on his site. So, I think I am going to head over and link to this post on my five year old. It's all about Luke!!

Five more recent pictures of Luke that I like:

Five words that describe Luke:
1. Independent
2. Stubborn
3. Bright
4. Moody
5. Funny

Five things that Luke is passionate about:
1. His Red Blankie
2. Star Wars
3. Apple juice
4. Imaginative play...especially with weapons
5. His Hulk boxer shorts

Five funnies about Luke:

1. When he came running yelling "Uncle Pat is gonna give us Fudgies!!" (should have been "wedgies")
2. His brothers tease him when he incorrectly uses the word "incest" in place of "obsessed"
3. When I call him "Loo-uuke!"...he answers in the same sound "whaa-aat!" I keep calling him with different sounds and he always answers in matching sounds.
4. The other day we were driving to a soccer game and had passed three teenage girls who happened to be dressed alike in white t-shirts and black sweatpants. They also had similar hairdos. After we passed them, he made mention that those girls looked just alike. I was impressed with his observation and attention to detail. I, too, had thought the same thing to myself.
5. He regularly beats Uncle Peter at Wii bowling.

Happy birthday, my sweet Luke!!


Craigwp said...

Have a wonderful birthday Luke.
Mommy did a great job describing you :-)

Deb Hanna said...

love the first one and the last one. love this post. I keep meaning to do something similar for my kids- good for you.