Monday, October 13, 2008


What a glorious long holiday weekend. You couldn't ask for better weather for October. All of those lucky brides who got married this weekend!!

The peak excitement at our house happened Sunday morning when Chris went out to get the newspaper and discovered that the Havaheart trap that Jack left out over night had a critter in it. Backing up a little, Jack's friend Brendan came over to play on Friday and brought his Havaheart trap that he had been "trapping" with lately. So that motivated Jack to go get the trap we had stored in our basement. The two of them kept busy all afternoon placing their traps at various spots around the yard trying to catch chipmunks, squirrels....anything. They never had any luck together.

Jack slathered a bunch of Ritz crackers with peanut butter and left them in the trap all night long. And that's when Chris went out to find the hissing, growling squirrel just dying to get out....

Here is Jack inspecting his catch...

The trapped Mr. Squirrel was almost more than our Buddy could bare. He has been chasing the darned squirrels up the trees for three years now. And trapped right in front of him. The following picture doesn't begin to show his trembling legs. I've never seen such a thing. He was literally trembling looking at the tree rat.

The squirrel had done a pretty good job of bending the trap door out of shape. Chris had to get some gloves and tools and pry open the trap to let the thing go. Boy was that squirrel happy to be free.

Anyone beat that excitement this weekend??????

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Deb Hanna said...

LOVE your new blog banner- so perfect. Our critter trapper is a cat- he does not have a heart :~

love the pic of Jack looking at the squirrel too.

no excitement here except for me taking almost 2,000 pics this weekend- did you do that?