Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hangin' Up the Cleats

Fall soccer ended for all of the boys last weekend. Jack and Ben's team had a Jamboree on Saturday. They had a tie and two losses in the Jamboree and that put an end to an interesting season. Both boys are looking forward to starting indoor soccer in the next couple of weeks. Ben will be playing U9 and Jack is thrilled to be playing U10 (on the bigger fields!) with some boys who he played with last year. I'm sad the outdoor soccer is over because I just love to watch the boys play. But I'm looking forward to watching them play indoor too! Here are a couple pictures of Jack and Ben at the Jamboree.

Luke and the Lightening wrapped it up with an 8 am game Saturday. I never thought he would make it to that game, but he did. It was a funny season for Luke's U6 team. They all started out enthusiastic, including Luke. I loved watching him hustle and he was able to score a few goals too. But at some point, he just lost motivation. It was hard to get him to play, and when he went out to play, he was fooling around. He went from this...

To this:

But he was so happy to get his first medal.....

I'm very proud of all of the boys for their efforts! The outdoor cleats have officially been removed from the shoe pile outside the front door and are being tucked away until spring.

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