Friday, October 17, 2008

Our First Decade

Today is a big day. Today marks the day of my tenth year wedding anniversary to Chris. I cannot believe ten years has gone by since we tied the knot. Ten years ago today the weather was in the 70's and the foliage was beautiful....just past peak. In the last ten years we have moved from Boston, purchased our first home, had four beautiful children, got two dogs, had many laughs and also some tears...and thankfully are still are best friends. It has been a wonderful ten years.

In honor of this special day, a post of tens it is....

Here are 10 pictures from our wedding:

Here are ten facts about Chris and me:

  1. We have known each other since freshman year of high school, which was 1982 I think. We have known each other for 26 years. We dated/were engaged for 5 years before we were married. So we've really been together for 15 of the 26 years we've known each other.

  2. We never dated during high school. We hung out in the same group of kids, and admittedly had crushes on each other. But never dated until after college. Our stories how it all came about are a little different. My story is I called him to go out while I was home one weekend. His story is that he worked it through my mom. (I'm right).

  3. He is the ying to my yang. Although I like to have fun, I am the serious one and he is fun one. I'm the Type A - he, the definite Type B. I'm the morning person, he is the night person. But we are a good balance for each other...I think, anyways!

  4. While we were dating, many people would say that we looked like brother and sister.

  5. We are both the youngest in our families. He is the youngest of four and I am the younger of two.

  6. I dare say we were on the cutting edge with our wedding favors. We created a mix tape of our special songs and gave them to our guests. The CD jackets also had information on the reception seating assignments and the dinner selections. Here is what the front and back of the jewel cases looked like:

  7. We never had a plan regarding how many kids we wanted, when we would have them, how much space in between, etc. We just went with it.

  8. Chris proposed to me on the bridge to the swan pond in the Boston Publick Garden. Swans have one mate, forever. Here's where it all began:

  9. I am his Ed McMahon. He has a great sense of humor, and I laugh at his jokes...even the ones he uses over..and over..and over again.

  10. Our wedding day tops the list of best days ever for the two of us. It was awesome to be surrounded by our loved ones and friends. Everything went smoothly and we had a great time. It just all went by way too fast!!!!

Happy Anniversary, Hon. Love ya

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Craigwp said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. You were a lovely bride and you both are so happy to have one another.