Monday, October 13, 2008

An the winner is....

...not me. My snake photo wasn't recognized in the top ten. But that's okay! The good news is that a couple of the photos that I voted for were in the top three. Anyone curious enough can go check out the winners here. At least I know that the person who picked mine for the top 50 thought it was interesting!!

So, this month's theme is Get Close. So far most of the entries are pictures of insects on flowers. I don't have many macro pictures so I took a different approach. I submitted a picture that I love of Luke "shaving". The picture shows Luke 'getting close' to the mirror so he can really get a good shave. I love the way you can see his profile slightly out of focus and also his full face in the mirror. I also love the 'shaving cream' that is in is hair. Here is the photo:

I guess we'll see! Thanks for anyone who voted for me!!

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