Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time to Vote!

So, I mentioned earlier that I have entered the first two of Boston.com's RAW photo contests. Well, it's time to vote for the September picture. I just went to Boston.com and found that a judge picked 50 of 109 pictures submitted to be voted on by the public.

And mine got picked!!!

Whoo hoo!! The theme was "My Neighborhood". What I decided to submit was the following picture I took of Jack holding one of the many snakes that he, Ben and Little Chief caught this summer.

I thought it was so cool how just the snake's creepy little head was in focus, but you can see Jack in the background (of course with his Sox shirt and Phiten necklace). So if you are diggin' the photography stuff and have time to vote...click on over and give me your support! Plus, you get to see some other cool photos! Click here to vote! You'll have to page down and then drag your top three choices to the boxes.

Thanks to those who vote!!!!

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