Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Ultimate Sacrifice

We have this special person in our lives and she is lovingly referred to as "Nini". She was given this name by Jack when he was probably a year and a half. And it just took. Well Nini came to watch the boys play soccer yesterday. She recently returned from a trip to Mexico and is looking beautifully sun-splashed. She had a great time and told us about the gorgeous 95 degree temperatures down in Mexico.

Nini is one of those people who is always cold. We all poke at her for wearing her turtlenecks from late August until late June. She does not like to be cold. Nini has a special place in her heart for Chica. Here is Nini with Chica, admiring an adorable puppy that was at the game.

It got down right chilly at the game when the sun went behind the clouds. The wind was blowing and we were all amazed at how quickly the temperatures dropped. Chica's nose was running and Nini was being the super-trooper and cleaning her up so I could take pictures of the boys. A little while later I noticed that Nini had given up her cozy vest for Chica.

And this my friends, is what I would consider the Ultimate Sacrifice.

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