Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Great Feast

One of my favorite traditions at my kids' preschool is the Thanksgiving Feast. Everyone brings something to the feast...everything including turkey, ham, tuna sandwiches, popcorn, potato sticks, cranberry sauce, carrots, celery, and yummy dessert. The kids all get to sit down together and hopefully at least TRY everything on their plate. (with a small "no thank you bite" for things they don't like).

Amy and I arrived to help with Luke's Feast. The kids were still performing their Thanksgiving reenactment where the Pilgrims meet the Indians and become friends. This year Luke was an Indian.

After the reenactment, the kids sang some songs. The Chica got right involved. She parked herself right next to our friend, Miss P. (also known as Shirley Temple) and was trying to follow along with the clapping and knee patting.

Next was the Feast. There were three tables of kids in two different rooms. Luke and Miss P. were in one room....

and Chica sat in the other room at a table with a group of kids she doesn't know at all. I was impressed that she didn't seem to mind. And she did a better job eating than most of the kids at the table.

Lastly, the kids finished up and then danced to this turkey song. Surprisingly, Luke seriously enjoyed boogying around the place with his goofy turkey dance. He was really into it!

The kids all sat down and Luke seemed very happy to have his little sister there. He's usually not this happy to have her around.....

And then he was hugging her tightly...like he was her protector. I don't think I've ever seen him hug her before. All of the parents and teachers were cooing at the cuteness. I was just trying to get a picture...so I wouldn't forget he did it! Chica was very happy to be in the arms of her big bro'. And only I knew that this NEVER happens at home!

It was a great morning!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Final Results

My blog readers have spoken. My first ever poll dictates that Jack resembles his momma more at about the age of 8. The specific results were:

Looks like Mom - 58%
Looks like Dad - 6%
Complete combo - 36%
Neither - 0%

I think based on the above, the results are fairly accurate! And it's comforting to know there is no chance that he was mixed up at birth with another baby.

It'll be interesting to see how Jack continues to change over the years! For those of you who had fun peeking at Chris and I way back, here are a couple more comparisons.

I remember the shirt I was wearing was my favorite shirt. It was so soft. I just didn't realize the collar was so big. Yikes! Notice here, at least our bangs were pushed to the side a little....even the SAME side!

Okay, I started looking a little bit more like a girl here. Notice we were both going for the part in the middle here. How strange that our bangs were similar for three straight years!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Some of my favorite bloggers due a weekly post on Tuesdays...Ten on Tuesday. They just talk about ten things going on in their lives or ten random thoughts or observations. I've been wanting to blog, but haven't really taken many pictures or had too much exciting to say. So I thought I'd try my first Ten on Tuesday post. Here it goes!

1. All the kids are doing great. Indoor soccer has begun for Jack and Ben. Jack is pumped to be playing U-10 on the bigger field with some boys he played with last year. Much better soccer than what he played in the fall. Very exciting. I will miss taking photos until spring because my lens doesn't work well for low light action. Bummer.

2. After listening to all the hype, I have finally joined Facebook. I won't lie and say I haven't had fun with it. I've connected with old grade school, high school, college and work friends. It is really neat and I would definitely recommend it. What's kind of interesting is that so many people I know (my age) just recently joined. I don't know why we all did at the same time. For those of you who haven't tried it...go for it.

3. Chica is slowly phasing out of naps. Out with the naps, in with the attitude. My little two-year old has kicked into Miss Independence. She is pulling stuff her brothers never did. Fighting me to get her dressed, taking her clothes off, etc. Good thing she has those dimples...or else. Here are two pictures of her wearing the poncho and hat that two of her favorite people made for her.

4. I never blogged about this, but I took a day-long photography class with friends Liane, Jamie and Peter a couple weeks ago. We drove out to Winchester, MA for an advanced photography class. It was a load of fun and I learned quite a bit, particularly about the power of Layer Masks. What's neat is that the four of us were in playgroup together probably eight years ago. Every Friday morning we'd rotate at someone else's house. And now the four of us have come together for our love of photography. Here is a picture that I took of our instructor Frank's dog, Beans.

5. The Type-A part of me recently took on a little project to sort through Lego sets. I'm almost embarrassed to admit, but I was checking off items on the parts lists to know what I had and what I needed. A total pain in the butt looking for specific pieces. But I'm happy to report that I was able to separate four complete sets. Not sure it was worth the time, but....

6. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am completely infatuated with The Pioneer Woman. This woman is well on her way to being famous....and all for starting a blog. She is amazingly talented. First and foremost, she is a RIOT. Then, she is a tremendous writer, amazing photographer, cook and a mom of four kids. Oh, and she burps really good. I have written her website down for probably three cashiers at grocery stores. I'm one of her biggest fans. AND...she gives away stuff all the time...good stuff!!! If you haven't already...check her out here.

7. I'm not lying....the other day I was coming out of Big Y and there was a dog with its head sticking out the window wearing sunglasses. I thought I was seeing things....but it was real. I got the following picture with my cell phone. It was a golden retriever and he was alone in the car. I swear I was on Candid Camera.

8. Turkey day right around the corner. Anyone looking for some cool recipes? Well, have I mentioned my friend The Pioneer Woman? Check out this post for some awesomely inspiring recipes. Love her.

9. November might be one of my least favorite months. That and March. It's getting really cold, the trees are bare, it's dark early, you know winter's coming..and the impending holidays...not a fun month.

10. I'm officially pooped and ready for bed. Will check Facebook before I nod off, of course.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Spike it Like Beckham

Last night the kids all took baths/showers before bed. Jack came in the bathroom to brush his teeth and I pushed the bangs of his wet hair a little to the side. He quickly resisted and palmed it forward. I have been trying to tell him that bangs brushed forward just do not look good (see examples here). So he jumped up on the vanity and was messing around with his hair. Now, as a general rule, my kids are not yet into their hairstyles. I have not had any requests or demands yet for growing out hair. But the boys do know my opinion regarding this. I'm just not a fan of long hair. I think only a handful of boys can pull it off. I love a nice clean, short cut.

I was sort of playing/sort of serious when I told Jack he should try and get his hair to look like David Beckham's. I think that guy has really cool hair. He wears it in so many different styles, but I do like the way he wears it sort of spiked but messy looking on the top. Well, Jack got really into it. He spiked the top into sort of a mohawk. I told him not to spike it too much, but he really liked what he saw and I think was excited to resemble this cool soccer star.

So this morning he woke up and the hairdo was still there, but really messy. I was hoping he was going to let me slick him down to normal, but he went in the bathroom and redid his Beckham-doo. I told him that I wasn't sure how well this would be received at school and that some of the kids might make fun of him. He didn't care - at all. I was happy about that.

Out the door he went with his Beckham-doo. I was right on his heels with my camera, practically writing the blog entry in my head. He was more than happy to pose for me. You'll see, he went a little too "spiky". But here is my little Beckham-boy.....


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chica and the Sombreros

A few weeks back I took a few pictures of the Chica when she decided she felt like wearing a couple of Daddy's hats. It was a beautiful afternoon - perfect for practicing with the camera. And Chica was looking particularly cute (again) in her Halloween shirt from Nini. Here she is in the first hat...

A little crooked, but isn't that the "cool" look right now? And here she is with her goofy "I-know-I'm-cute-just-take-a-picture" pose.

Then she switched to Dad's other hat. This one is monogrammed from work.

You'll notice in this last picture her Crocs are on the wrong feet. This is the case 99.99% of the time after she puts them on. We even change the Jibbitz to try and help her out, but I think she thinks the toes are supposed to point out.

So then she was done with the hats and gave me one last pose. What I find amazing is that after having two hats pulled on and off a couple of times, her hair actually looks pretty good. If I wore a hat for two minutes, I'd be done for the day. The hat would have to stay on. Lucky girl!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween 2008 has come and gone in a flash. My vampire, geek, Darth Vader and kitty all had a great time trick-or-treating. Well, Luke only made it around the circle before he was done and then rode in the carriage the rest of the way. We couldn't have asked for better weather. And the highlight for me was when Amy (always the last to get her candy) was leaving a house she kept saying, "Happy Bur-day!". Lots of goodies were acquired and I am trying hard to resist raiding the baskets to find my favorites.

Here they are individually:

And one more time together...

I tried to be festive this year and ahead of the game with dinner. I should have known better, because with all of the hoopla nobody wanted to eat. But I served mummy pizzas.....

They weren't such a great hit. But I have to atleast get an A for effort. Gotta love Family Fun and all of their creative ideas.

Well, turkey day is right around the corner and then you-know-what!!! You can tell by the mailboxes full of catalogs!!