Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chica and the Sombreros

A few weeks back I took a few pictures of the Chica when she decided she felt like wearing a couple of Daddy's hats. It was a beautiful afternoon - perfect for practicing with the camera. And Chica was looking particularly cute (again) in her Halloween shirt from Nini. Here she is in the first hat...

A little crooked, but isn't that the "cool" look right now? And here she is with her goofy "I-know-I'm-cute-just-take-a-picture" pose.

Then she switched to Dad's other hat. This one is monogrammed from work.

You'll notice in this last picture her Crocs are on the wrong feet. This is the case 99.99% of the time after she puts them on. We even change the Jibbitz to try and help her out, but I think she thinks the toes are supposed to point out.

So then she was done with the hats and gave me one last pose. What I find amazing is that after having two hats pulled on and off a couple of times, her hair actually looks pretty good. If I wore a hat for two minutes, I'd be done for the day. The hat would have to stay on. Lucky girl!!

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