Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Final Results

My blog readers have spoken. My first ever poll dictates that Jack resembles his momma more at about the age of 8. The specific results were:

Looks like Mom - 58%
Looks like Dad - 6%
Complete combo - 36%
Neither - 0%

I think based on the above, the results are fairly accurate! And it's comforting to know there is no chance that he was mixed up at birth with another baby.

It'll be interesting to see how Jack continues to change over the years! For those of you who had fun peeking at Chris and I way back, here are a couple more comparisons.

I remember the shirt I was wearing was my favorite shirt. It was so soft. I just didn't realize the collar was so big. Yikes! Notice here, at least our bangs were pushed to the side a little....even the SAME side!

Okay, I started looking a little bit more like a girl here. Notice we were both going for the part in the middle here. How strange that our bangs were similar for three straight years!!!

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