Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Great Feast

One of my favorite traditions at my kids' preschool is the Thanksgiving Feast. Everyone brings something to the feast...everything including turkey, ham, tuna sandwiches, popcorn, potato sticks, cranberry sauce, carrots, celery, and yummy dessert. The kids all get to sit down together and hopefully at least TRY everything on their plate. (with a small "no thank you bite" for things they don't like).

Amy and I arrived to help with Luke's Feast. The kids were still performing their Thanksgiving reenactment where the Pilgrims meet the Indians and become friends. This year Luke was an Indian.

After the reenactment, the kids sang some songs. The Chica got right involved. She parked herself right next to our friend, Miss P. (also known as Shirley Temple) and was trying to follow along with the clapping and knee patting.

Next was the Feast. There were three tables of kids in two different rooms. Luke and Miss P. were in one room....

and Chica sat in the other room at a table with a group of kids she doesn't know at all. I was impressed that she didn't seem to mind. And she did a better job eating than most of the kids at the table.

Lastly, the kids finished up and then danced to this turkey song. Surprisingly, Luke seriously enjoyed boogying around the place with his goofy turkey dance. He was really into it!

The kids all sat down and Luke seemed very happy to have his little sister there. He's usually not this happy to have her around.....

And then he was hugging her tightly...like he was her protector. I don't think I've ever seen him hug her before. All of the parents and teachers were cooing at the cuteness. I was just trying to get a picture...so I wouldn't forget he did it! Chica was very happy to be in the arms of her big bro'. And only I knew that this NEVER happens at home!

It was a great morning!


Craigwp said...

Great "feast" post. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Deb Hanna said...

that looks like Justin's plate that Amy was devouring! my family does the "turkey" dance- to the tune of the chicken dance every year when the turkey comes out. do you know in all my years at BT I have never been to the feast.