Monday, November 10, 2008

Spike it Like Beckham

Last night the kids all took baths/showers before bed. Jack came in the bathroom to brush his teeth and I pushed the bangs of his wet hair a little to the side. He quickly resisted and palmed it forward. I have been trying to tell him that bangs brushed forward just do not look good (see examples here). So he jumped up on the vanity and was messing around with his hair. Now, as a general rule, my kids are not yet into their hairstyles. I have not had any requests or demands yet for growing out hair. But the boys do know my opinion regarding this. I'm just not a fan of long hair. I think only a handful of boys can pull it off. I love a nice clean, short cut.

I was sort of playing/sort of serious when I told Jack he should try and get his hair to look like David Beckham's. I think that guy has really cool hair. He wears it in so many different styles, but I do like the way he wears it sort of spiked but messy looking on the top. Well, Jack got really into it. He spiked the top into sort of a mohawk. I told him not to spike it too much, but he really liked what he saw and I think was excited to resemble this cool soccer star.

So this morning he woke up and the hairdo was still there, but really messy. I was hoping he was going to let me slick him down to normal, but he went in the bathroom and redid his Beckham-doo. I told him that I wasn't sure how well this would be received at school and that some of the kids might make fun of him. He didn't care - at all. I was happy about that.

Out the door he went with his Beckham-doo. I was right on his heels with my camera, practically writing the blog entry in my head. He was more than happy to pose for me. You'll see, he went a little too "spiky". But here is my little Beckham-boy.....



Deb Hanna said...

so cool. it totally looks like Beckham. can't wait to hear what the kids at school think.

Jamie said...

i hope the kids liked it!

michelled said...

Jack said everyone but three people made fun of him. He was good about it, though. Eventually he just said a tornado hit his head.