Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mr. Independent

Jack loves to cook. He love also loves to watch cooking shows. He is also very independent, cautious and careful. And I'm happy to report that twice now he has made a banana bread from scratch completely on his own. How psyched am I? Sometimes those bananas are just sitting there for what seems like forever. Although it doesn't take that long, I just can't seem to find the time or motivation lately to make the bread myself. But now I have Jack!

During his last baking session I grabbed my camera to get some good blogging material. I did not use flash and it was dusk, so the pictures don't look that hot. But at least they aren't all washed out and shadowy. I am not digging flash at all these days.

He used the 'ole Kitchen-aid mixer to make the bread. This is a little nerve-wracking, but he is very careful. This recipe is very simple and the bread comes out so moist. Thank you to Grandma's friend, Pat, for passing it along.

I let him spray the pan this time too.

He carefully scrapes the batter into the pan.

That's right...I gave birth to that beautiful head.

The whole time he knows I'm snapping away. He's very into the blog and also interested in photography. I think he will be my picture taker as he gets older. The bread is ready to go....

A few licks of the batter (pretty sure this is why he even wants to make the bread...can't blame him)...

About 55 minutes later, his masterpiece is complete.

And without question, he is the first to cut himself a piece.

Am I right or will the ladies be all over this some day?

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Deb Hanna said...

Jack is the bomb! ladies will be all over that.