Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it Snow

Our first snow storm of the season rolled through on Friday. School was cancelled for the whole day, before the snow even started. The storm brought almost a foot of snow. So don't you know Saturday morning the troops were out for some snowy fun. Dad promised Jack he could help with the snow thrower. We wouldn't trust just any kid...but Jack is, as I mentioned, responsible and cautious.

After a bit, Jack tells Dad his hands are freezing. He comes in and I get him warmers for his hands and new gloves. He then proceeded to stay out and play for a long while.

Ben, Luke and Amy also bundled up and came out. Luke was back in with snow in his gloves and boots before I even got the camera out. Ben played with Chewie, our cockapoo. This was a funny site.

Buddy loved it as well. He looked so handsome running through the snow.

The night before the storm my kids performed some new ritual where they were praying for snow...and cancelled school. They wore their pajama pants on backwards, put spoons under their pillows, put ice cubes in the toilet and put a shoe upside down under their beds. Well, their crazy ritual worked! They'll have their white Christmas this year!

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Craigwp said...

Hmmmmmm.. I'll have to some of those tricks so it doesn't snow.. at least at my house :-)