Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - It's Tuesday Again?!

How can Tuesday have come up again so quickly? Yikes! In the last week we had a little more snow, decorated for Christmas, had some indoor soccer....everything else was pretty much status quo. But here are some Tuesday thoughts:

1. If you haven't voted for my hawk picture on Boston.com....please do! Voting ends 12/10 (Wed). It's easy! Follow this link and drag your favorite pictures to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place boxes.

2. Christmas season is in full force. I've received a handful of Christmas cards. This time a year I love getting the mail and looking at all of the photo cards, especially of friends' kids who I never get to see. I still have not decided on a Christmas picture yet. Trying not to stress. I usually get my pictures when I'm not trying too hard.

3. Speaking of Christmas, do you all have your favorite ornaments or Christmas decorations? Well, here is a picture of mine. It doesn't have any particular sentimental value. I just really like it.

4. And speaking of Christmas favorites, tonight I stopped by and snapped a picture of my favorite Christmas decoration in town. I think you can tell by the garage how big this tree is. I just love this tree when it is decorated for Christmas. It makes my night when I drive by and see it lit. I figured out that the people who own the house and tree are the parents of a boy that Jack and Ben played soccer with this fall. I'm sure it's no easy task getting the lights on this tree. Tonight I emailed them a thank you with my picture attached so they'd know their efforts were appreciated.

5. And we had a little more snow over the weekend. This is another thing that gets the boys so excited. Luke was the first to get the snow gear on and the big brothers followed suit. I snuck out front and grabbed a few shots of the first snowball fight of the season.

6. This will make all of my in-laws squeal with delight. Jack's list for Santa has more than 50% hockey items. I knew these new hockey friends would be bad influences. Also.. Jack, Ben, the Chiefs and some other neighbors have been playing hockey after school and Jack is just hooked. AND..he likes goalie. Nini will love this. But Jack knows our stance on hockey. I told him he could play in high school. Sound fair?

7. The last few Tuesdays we've been going to Romp and Roll. This is basically where they open up the rollerskating rink in town to toddlers only so they can run around, skate, ride trikes and scooters, whack each other with pool noodles....you get the picture. Here is Chica multi-tasking by trying to drive the little bike thingy and hold a ball. She loves this place!!

And here Chica is searching for stray tickets so she can get herself a prize. The only success she had here was batting her eyes and convincing Bill to give her a little bracelet at the end of the morning.

Again, my own fault here. Luke is actually learning to rollerblade. Sometimes this is how the love for hockey starts. Must stop soon.

8. I wasn't going to get into this yet, but I'm having trouble getting to 10! Within the next week we will have new countertops (and new stove, sink and backsplash)! Gone with the off-white and in with the new! Here are the old tops....

Can't wait to show the before and after pictures!!

9. Chica is finally watching TV. She enjoys Dora, Diego (My-ayggo), Max and Ruby...and other shows of the like. You can find her perched up on the arm of the chair like so...sometimes enjoying a bagel or snack.

10. I'm always pooped by the time I get to ten. A big fat hen.

Nite nite.

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