Monday, December 1, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - Thanksgiving Edition

In a blink, turkey day has come and gone. It was a nice long weekend. We had our special friends from NJ visit us on their way up to visit their family in Rockport, MA. Our special friends have two special kids and one special dog...named Scout. Here is a Thanksgiving wrap-up as part of a my first ever second Ten on Tuesday post:

1. Our NJ friends have two children. Their oldest child, Mr. H, loves to visit and play with our Luke. They are only about ten months apart and play very well together. Here are the two of them in their jammers posing for a shot:

2. Now Mr. H has a beautiful little sister, Miss A. Miss A is also Chris' and my goddaughter. I was desperate to get a few shots of Miss A, but she was scooting around so much it was nearly impossible. Especially when you are trying to get a shot with natural lighting and you need her by a window! I did get this shot which I thought came out cute..

3. Mr. H and Miss A. have another brother. He is 12.5 years old and his name is Scout. Scout got to sleep over our house while his family went to Rockport. I can even begin to explain how funny Scout is. He makes lots of noise when he breathes and has the strangest bark. But we love Scout and enjoyed his visit.

One thing about Scout that I never really realized was how his ears bend backwards at the top. Check it out.

Here is Chica laying next to Scout on Buddy's bed.

4. Our Nini was nice to host Thanksgiving dinner. I brought the ever famous "stinky potatoes" which were gobbled up by everyone as expected. And I decided to make Pioneer Woman's sweet potato recipe. Jack was right by my side helping to make them. I have to say, they seemed to be a BIG hit with everyone who tried them. Highly recommend. Here is a picture of Jack with the pre-cooked sweet potatoes.

5. Part of the excitement for Chica when she visits Nini's house is that she gets to go with Nini to feed the horses. Before dinner, off the two went to give the horses a snack. Unfortunately, once we got in the barn, there wasn't any light to get a shot of Chica cowering away from the horsies. She's hoping Nini is going to start riding lessons this summer.

6. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. The table was set beautifully and Uncle Peter made cute place cards for all of us. I was seated with Andrew to my left and directly across from my other two nephews, TJ and Peter...and Peter's girlfriend (our favorite babysitter) Missy. Well, the three of them just got going laughing, telling jokes, imitating. I have never seen the three of them laugh so hard. I had tears in my eyes and was laughing so hard at them. And finally, I just couldn't take it anymore and I accidentally spit/sprayed my red wine across the table. It was in a V-formation. So Peter (directly across) was spared, but poor TJ and Missy almost got hit. Embarrassing, indeed. Just thankful the family let me off easy. It will be a Thanksgiving to remember..and I may never live it down.

7. Other non-Thanksgiving news: Chica may be the artist of the family:

8.'s RAW has Motion for the monthly photo contest. I'm sort of out of my league with this one, but I did submit this picture I took of our friendly neighbor, Mr. Redtail Hawk.

9. I certainly can't have a post with a picture of everyone in my family except my Benjamin! Here is my Ben playing two-hand touch football recently with a bunch of boys in the front yard!

10. I'm not quite in the Xmas spirit yet. Haven't done a ton of shopping yet and no decorating. Hoping that I get in the spirit soon! Maybe if we get a little more of this..


Paula said...

Wow, the hawk was amazing! How did you mange that one?

michelled said...

I saw him land in a tree out back, grabbed my camera and hung out until he took of. I had to crop this pic a lot to see the hawk because the back woods made for a busy background.