Sunday, December 7, 2008


Christmas tree purchased and decorated? Check.

Saturday we ventured to a new spot to get a Christmas Tree. Our friend Li told us of a place where you can cut down a tree for $35. We usually drive down the road 3 minutes (literally) to a place in town and pay closer to $60 - plus $1 to bail it. So, with the economy the way it to the new place we went. And boy was I glad we did. I don't know if the pictures can begin to tell how big this place is. Acres and acres of trees. What an operation.

The place was so big we didn't know where to begin. When asked where we could find a frasier fir, a friendly worker told us we could check just behind her...but it is a little picked over, or we could go beyond the grass to find 5 to 8 foot frasiers. Off we the far away place. Here is a picture of us getting started....can you see where beyond the grass is? Four hats and mittens...this should be fun. I was scared.

When you walk beyond the grass to get a tree, we were told that a tractor will drive up there and your tree will be tagged and then brought back down to the parking lot to be bailed and roped to your car. That's how far away this area is. The trees went on....and on...and on. It was beautiful, actually.

It's not that we were trying to get the absolute perfect tree, but we were really looking hard at the size, shape, fullness, healthiness, etc. of the trees. We just kept walking and walking. With 6 people with different opinions, it took us a little while to find the right tree. But then we saw her:

Dad took turns sawing with Jack. Luke was being a super-helper holding back the branches. Ben was there for support and to keep Chica happy.

As soon as she was cut down, Luke, Chica and I headed back for the warm car. Dad, Jack and Luke stayed to wait for the tractor. Eventually they got sick of waiting and carried the tree all the way to the parking lot.

Here is a shot as we were walking back. We were no slouchers. We did not take the easy way out. We probably would not have gone so far if it had snowed.

And here is a picture of a really cool barn. I wish it had been brighter out!

We did not get to decorate the tree until after 8 pm. We had soccer and then dinner/clean-up. I had to untangle all of the lights but this was not the complete nightmare it usually is. The kids were SO excited. It reminded me of how exciting this time of year is for the little ones. One of my favorite things as a kid was to put up our Christmas tree. We had a fake one, but I loved helping put it together and decorate it. And my kids were equally excited. I wish I had had a tape recorder of the tree decorating process because there were nonstop questions being asked the entire time. Mom, are you almost done with the lights? Mom, can I help with the lights? Why can't I help with the lights? Mom, where should I put this one? Is this ornament too close to the others? Remember this ornament? Will you help me put up this one? Where did we get this ornment? This is just a sampling of the questions.

During the whole chaotic decorating process, Jack decides he wants to try and take a few pictures with my good camera. I trust him and he is a good picture taker. So he starts taking shots and is having issues with blur and wants to try no flash and then flash..and then want to delete some. So amid the questions above that were coming rapid fire, I was also guiding Jack on how to adjust the camera settings, etc. He insists on showing me some of the pics and telling me which ones are worthy of Dig Our Pics (I post pics with some friends based on weekly themes). Here is one of Jack's shots showing Luke and Chica helping decorate.

We finished very late and I was anxious to get the kids to bed, as they were up very late the night before. They got all snuggled up in bed, I came downstairs and snapped a shot of the finished tree (minus star), took 2 motrin to relieve my splitting headache and then went to sleep myself. Ahhh....the holidays.

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Paula said...

Jack did a fine job. He deserves his own photo blog!