Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last weekend the family traveled downtown to a Falcons game. There was excitement in the air for this game, though, 'cause the boys were going to be recognized for their winning '08 baseball season. They were going to be going on the ice between periods and meeting the Red Sox mascot, Wally. They boys were giddy with excitement to reunite with each other and get a chance to touch the ice.

Here is a picture of the boys when they ran up to get the candy guy's autograph. John "the Candy Man" S.

And here they are after the first period cheering on the Zamboni driver.

After the second period about 6 baseball teams came out one at a time to pose with Wally and Screetch. The teams were credited for their championship wins and then they walk across the ice. Here is the happy crew.

And here they were on the big screen.

Here you can see Jack's serious face. He has realized that he will not be participating in picking up the pucks from "Chuck-a-puck". He thought that was part of the deal and hoping to fly around the ice picking up pucks.

And then the crazies went after the announcer's signature. I think they made a couple of the guys' nights with the signature requests.

And that was that. Before long this little crew will be together again more than they'll be apart.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The More Things Change....(Final, Part IV)

He doesn't look much like me....but this post shows why I know
he's mine, undeniably.

With my sister's Shiba, Kiyoshi, at about 15 months old.

With Nini's Frankie

With our first ever dog, Buddy.

With Grandma's Migo

With the Chief's Chloe

With his new best friend, Chewie, March 2008.

At a UCONN game, 4/08.

The more things stay the same....winter 2008/9....

Boy's best friend

Monday, January 26, 2009

The More Things Change....(Part III)

Three weeks old, his first Halloween

A few months old....snuggled in his car seat.

Almost his favorite orange shorts.

4.5 years old...catching some zzz's

June 2008, after a long fun visit with Henry

Almost 5.....after his first soccer game.

The more they stay the same.....

5 years old, day after Christmas 2008....pooped

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The More Things Change....(Part II)

The more they stay the same.....

Hours old....

Days ago....

Monday, January 19, 2009

The More Things Change.... (Part I)

Two days old...

One week old

Two months old

One and a half years

The more they stay the same...

Two and a half years

Friday, January 16, 2009


Hoping this whole "hockey" thing is just a winter 2008 phase. The kids continue to skate in the back woods when they can. And this past week they were invited to go skate at the Chief's grandparent's house where there is the perfect little spot to skate. The Chief's Bobbie (grandpa) flooded his pond and made the ice perfect for skating....and a little tournament for the boys. As an added treat, Mrs. Chief and I picked up the kids at school so we could get them up there early enough to enjoy skating before the darkness of night set in.

Here are some snapshots of the boys in action:

The Chiefs facing off

Shots of the hockey-wannabees

Here is the man of the hour, Bobbie. I think he really enjoyed watching the boys skate.

Here is Little Chief saying something like, "There is no way that was a goal" or "That was a cross-checking penalty!" Notice here...Little Chief refused to wear gloves...on a day that the kids weren't allowed to go out for recess due to cold temps.

Here are Luke and little Miss Chief sitting on the bench/penalty box Bobbie made for the kids. Unfortunately, Miss Chief's skates never made it in the car so she ended up going inside to keep Chica company.

Luke continues to improve in his balance. He'll be playing in the mix before you know it. Here he was just happy to be skating around by himself.

After a fall....

After skating we all went inside for some yummy hot chocolate and snacks. It was the perfect way to wrap up a perfect afternoon for our little hockey wannabees.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Cowgirl

The other day Chica decided she wanted to try and ride on Buddy. She got on one time and rode him for a second. When she went back for round two I went and got my camera. This is just a cute picture of her getting ready to torture him.

She starts by using the couch to try and hoist herself up onto his back.

That doesn't work, so she gets ON the couch first.

She manages to get a leg on (the whole while eyeing the TV...probably Dora).

Going for the second leg here.

Buddy starts to pull away, saying I love you...but could you leave me alone?

She refuses to let go, though..because this is way too much fun.

Oops. Buddy's she hurt, he wonders?

She gets up, laughing, and wants more. At this point Buddy is refusing to get up off the floor. She is yelling...Buddy, get up!! And then looks at me for some help, pointing in disgust that Buddy is a quitter.

Two things I've learned from this episode:

1. She has my perseverance

2. Time for riding lessons, Nini.