Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Cowgirl

The other day Chica decided she wanted to try and ride on Buddy. She got on one time and rode him for a second. When she went back for round two I went and got my camera. This is just a cute picture of her getting ready to torture him.

She starts by using the couch to try and hoist herself up onto his back.

That doesn't work, so she gets ON the couch first.

She manages to get a leg on (the whole while eyeing the TV...probably Dora).

Going for the second leg here.

Buddy starts to pull away, saying I love you...but could you leave me alone?

She refuses to let go, though..because this is way too much fun.

Oops. Buddy's she hurt, he wonders?

She gets up, laughing, and wants more. At this point Buddy is refusing to get up off the floor. She is yelling...Buddy, get up!! And then looks at me for some help, pointing in disgust that Buddy is a quitter.

Two things I've learned from this episode:

1. She has my perseverance

2. Time for riding lessons, Nini.


Paula said...

Too cute. And what a patient pooch.

Craigwp said...

What a wonderful way to begin a day. She's a much better rider than the lone ranger and by far more pretty :-)