Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Swamp Hockey

We've had a neighborhood break-through. We live along side a wet area, a brook actually. My backyard abuts woods that are very wet from this brook. In the spring the skunk cabbage sprouts, in the summer the mosquitoes hatch and in the fall the ticks come back stronger than ever. The woods aren't pretty to look at in the winter. All you can see is tree trunks. But this winter, we got some good rain and then some really cold temps. About a week ago Jack and his buddies ventured out in the woods and discovered that they can skate out there. In a blink the skates were on and I could see bodies zipping in and out of sight.

So now the Chiefs and the boys have started their little hockey tournaments after school. As usual, Little Chief and Jack versus Ben and Matt. Luke likes to be out there skating around too, but hasn't been invited to play. Amy has been itching to get out after being sick, so she and I ventured out to check out the skating area that they are enjoying. I was quite impressed with what I found.

A huge clump of trees fell over at some point and behind this massive mound of tree roots is where the boys located their hockey rink. It is perfectly smooth and there isn't one little branch sticking out of the ice. Look at this massive set of roots!

They've brought out their knee hockey nets too.

Luke has located a tree trunk that serves nicely as a bench. He watches while he takes a rest.

These boys are just loving life with this frozen swamp. Ben is looking a little too hockey-player for me.

And here is the group (minus Amy) for a quick shot before I left with my cold hands and cold daughter. These are the days to remember. This is what it's all about for these boys.

We are supposed to get snow and then sleet and freezing rain tonight and tomorrow and I'm finding myself sad that their little skating rink will be ruined. Who would've thought these woods would become useful for something entertaining??

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