Friday, January 16, 2009


Hoping this whole "hockey" thing is just a winter 2008 phase. The kids continue to skate in the back woods when they can. And this past week they were invited to go skate at the Chief's grandparent's house where there is the perfect little spot to skate. The Chief's Bobbie (grandpa) flooded his pond and made the ice perfect for skating....and a little tournament for the boys. As an added treat, Mrs. Chief and I picked up the kids at school so we could get them up there early enough to enjoy skating before the darkness of night set in.

Here are some snapshots of the boys in action:

The Chiefs facing off

Shots of the hockey-wannabees

Here is the man of the hour, Bobbie. I think he really enjoyed watching the boys skate.

Here is Little Chief saying something like, "There is no way that was a goal" or "That was a cross-checking penalty!" Notice here...Little Chief refused to wear gloves...on a day that the kids weren't allowed to go out for recess due to cold temps.

Here are Luke and little Miss Chief sitting on the bench/penalty box Bobbie made for the kids. Unfortunately, Miss Chief's skates never made it in the car so she ended up going inside to keep Chica company.

Luke continues to improve in his balance. He'll be playing in the mix before you know it. Here he was just happy to be skating around by himself.

After a fall....

After skating we all went inside for some yummy hot chocolate and snacks. It was the perfect way to wrap up a perfect afternoon for our little hockey wannabees.

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