Sunday, February 22, 2009


About 7 or 8 years ago I took up rubberstamping as a hobby. A friend had me over for a party at her house where you got to hand-make cards and from that day on I was hooked. I loved making cards and frequently made batches as gifts for friends, family and teachers. People seemed genuinely excited to get the cards. Who doesn't love having spare greeting cards around the house so you don't have to run out at the last minute??

I went strong for 5-6 years and then my stamping "phase" started waining. My good friend and inspiration (Liane) who was a Stampin' Up demonstrator called it quits and sold a lot of her stuff. And, of course, having four children of my own made it difficult to find the time to stamp. AND....... photography (and blogging) became my new passion. So, the stamping supplies have been collecting some dust in the cellar.

But my sister called a few weeks back asking if I would make some cards for a fundraiser a group in her town was having for two children who are sick. One of the children (Abby) is a friend of my niece's and her story is just heartbreaking. She has brain cancer and has had 13 surgeries over the last 13 months. She is confined to a wheel chair and can't really talk or eat well.

I have chaired a silent auction twice for our church and I know how important and sometimes difficult it is to get donations. And after hearing about Abby I absolutely agreed to make some cards. So Liane and I got together and worked on making some cards and I found myself a little re-inspired to stamp! We made 30 cards in total. I made two different sets of ten cards with these cool templates that some stamping genius created which result in ten pretty coordinating cards.

Here is one set done with pinks, brown and a lime green:

And here are a couple of samples from a set done in purples and greens.

And Liane made ten of these cute and simple cards in different colors.

So I hope that somebody will put a nice bid on these cards! I just might go on-line soon and look at Stampin' Up's most recent catalog!


Paula said...

Wow, those are spectacular. You are very talented. And very patient. I love them all!!!

Deb said...

those look so great. and your pictures are HUGE.