Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow Nose

Snow nose is a (most often) temporary loss of pigment in the center of the nose. A pink to brown light stripe appears in the center of the nose, with the edges remaining black. The nose returns to full black color during the longer daylight months. Once thought to be a winter-only condition, dogs in warmer southern climates have also been reported to have snow nose, also called winter nose.

This was Chewie soon after we brought him home. He had the cutest nose EVER. Am I right?

This is Chewie today. The black nose that I fell in love with is now pink. But now I understand why! My neighbor did some research and learned about Snow Nose. I'm hoping when the weather warms and the snow is gone, my little black nose will reappear! (Note: also learned this can be caused by plastic food and water will probably switch those out too!)


Deb Hanna said...

you got some bigger pics there missy. love the close up of the little nose.

Russ said...

What a cutie!