Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Supporting the Skiers

Alas, I finally made an appearance up at the mountain to cheer on my little skiers. Most weekends Chris drives away with one or two or three kids and goes skiing. I stay home with at least Chica and continue with the life's daily grind. So for a change.... Amy, Luke and I headed for the mountain Sunday afternoon. It was a beautifully sunny day and the car ride was peaceful with the kids watching Toy Story and eating their fast food lunches. So when I missed the exit and had to drive 29 miles to the next exit to turn around and then another 29 back....it wasn't a complete disaster. Just a few extra deep breaths for mom.

My only expectations for the trip were 1) to get out of the house 2) to watch Jack and Ben ski and show my support for their efforts 3) to have Luke and Amy get some fresh air and hopefully do a little sledding outside the lodge and 4) to grab a few pictures. All were accomplished.

There is a tiny little hill outside the lodge where Amy took turns sledding with Ben and Luke.

I attempted to get skiing pictures but the sunlight was poor and my lens can zoom but doesn't handle low light that great. So here is one shot of Jack zooming down the hill. He was "all that" skiing in just his UCONN sweatshirt.

Here Jack is with buddy, Brendan, posing for me while riding up the lift. I still can't believe my baby #1 rides up the chairlift without an adult. Same for baby #2.

At the end of the day I convinced Luke to get his skis so he could practice on the little magic carpet. Here is his priceless smile as I cheered him on. I was surprised at how well he moved around in those skis. Big year for Luke learning to ski and skate!!!

So despite my extra hour drive, the trip was a success.


Paula said...

Makes me wanna go out and play!

Deb Hanna said...

loves those pics- great job. I am not a skier myself AT ALL. but I know that the early they start the better and easier it is for them.