Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(Almost) Ten on Tuesday

Been some time since I did a 10 on Tuesday post. I haven't been taking a lot of pictures, but here is what we've been up to.

1. Our kitchen work is substantially complete and right at this very second the family room is being painted. All of the darker pine woodwork is being painted and I'm changing the family room walls to neutral from green. I'm so very excited about this change. Nothing like a new paint job to change and freshen up a room. Now, of course, I need to take down the kitchen wallpaper (which isn't much) and rehang the stuff on the walls so the whole thing is just done. And THEN I will post before and after pictures. I know of at least three people who are interested! Here's the before!

2. I really realize that my little Chica is just packed with growing attitude. She's still as cute as can be and melts my heart daily with the cute things she says and cute faces she makes. But her little two year old self is much different than her brothers were. I don't remember any of them finishing their words with a tone of attitude. Like if I tell her she needs to get some socks on she'll say "I know-WA". Or if I ask her to please pick up the game she'll say, "Okayyy-YUH". Little stinker. Look at this face of attitude...

3. We had a very small superbowl gathering and actually got to watch the game. I even saw the half-time show with The Boss and a lot of the commercials. Chris and I were reviewing the commercials on You-tube last night. Does anyone else think that almost every commercial had some kind of violence? Guys thrown from buildings...getting electrocuted...yikes. Here is my fav commerical

4. I have started some exercise tapes a couple weeks back called Ten Minute Trainers. I figured if I can't do at least ten minutes of exercise then that's pretty pitifull. I find a hard time making exercise/working out a priority. But I'm trying hard. The best motivation for me is that the kids like to do the tapes with me. If I could have videotaped the first time they tried the tapes you all would have gotten a good laugh. With comments like, "Oh, my ABs!!"..and "Do you see the lines yet (on my abs)?" What a complete riot. But here is a blurry picture of the boys doing some lunges.

5. Boston.com's contest theme for January was "Cold". I never got anything good but did submit a picture for the heck of it. It's a picture of Amy walking from behind down our stone walkway. I always liked it, but it probably has no right being in the contest. There are some really cool pictures, so if you are just a fan of photography you should check them out at Boston.com's RAW.

6. Ever have your street plowed by one of these? Geez, this would have been my boys' dream snowplow four years ago when they were into trucks!

7. A mom from my playgroup with Amy approached me about coming over to take pictures of her pregnant belly. I was thrown off by this request because I wasn't feeling super confident. I've never done anything like this and was frankly worried my pictures wouldn't come out that great. But I said yes because I wanted to try..and gain experience. Well, I am going to post some of the photos but I want to copy my friend, Deb, and figure out how to post bigger pictures to my blog. So...stay tuned.

8. Jack and Ben got the official word that they are in the session 2 finals for indoor soccer. Playing the tough first seed team this Saturday! Wish them luck...they'll need it!

9. & 10. I seriously can't think of anything else for today. How completely lame. Maybe I should start Five on Friday instead. I think I could complete 5...but 10 pains me.
So goodnight!

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