Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unexpected Excitement

Yesterday the boys were in the session #2 indoor soccer playoffs. The top 4 teams play for the age group championship. The boys' team had the 4th seed and was playing the undefeated #1 team - the winner of that game to play the winner of #2 vs. #3.

We all know that anything goes in sports. Teams have both good days and bad days. Well, our team had a GREAT day and took down the undefeated #1 seed with a 5-1 win. The #2 vs. #3 game was a nailbiter. We all watched the #3 team triumph over the #2 team in a crazy shootout.

The final game was a close one! It was tied 2-2 with minutes left and I was anticipating a sudden-death overtime and possibly a shoot out. But with 8 seconds left, the player who scored the first two goals was able to sink another one for us for the win. So exciting!!!!

Here is a picture of the team just before they played their second game.

And here are Jack, Ben and good buddy, Troy, posing in their championship T-shirts! What an unexpectedly exciting day!!!

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