Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

Yesterday I came up with an idea. I missed the Ten on Tuesday post, and let's face it.....I'm not so great at those posts. By the time I come to number 8 I am really scrounging for ideas. But I do like the idea of having a regular post. So I came up with one. Way Back Wednesday. The idea would be to post some sort of picture from the past and provide an accompanying description or story.

So here is my first Way Back Wednesday picture. This picture was taken before I was even a thought. This is the only existing picture (that I'm aware of) of my mom, her parents and all of her siblings. My Aunt came for a visit recently and brought the picture. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited to see it....and so surprised that I'd never seen it before.

My mom was the oldest of 5, with 3 sisters and one brother. I believe she was about 23 here. In this picture are: Bottom row (L to R) My beautiful mom, cousin Michael in her lap, Auntie Sandi and cousin Lynn in her lap, Auntie Maureen, Uncle Joey. Top Row (L to R) Grandpa Joe, Grandma Ginny, Auntie Pat and Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob is married to Mom's sister so he is the only non sibling adult. But I love him just the same!

So happy Wednesday all. Any of my blogging friends want to play? Deb, Paula, Jamie, Lisa, anyone? It doesn't have to be THIS Way Back, but an older picture! Let me know if you decide to play!

Also - a big happy birthday to my sister, Lisa!


Paula said...

Sounds like fun. I'm going to have to dust off the scanner . . . and raid my father's house for pictures. I'm sure I have some cute ones of Jamie!!!

michelled said...

It doesn't have to be that old...even a few years ago!

Jamie said...

Love it!