Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Great Reveal

I'm finally getting around to posting some before and after pictures of our kitchen and family room updates. Back in early December we updated our counter tops and backsplash. The counter tops were an outdated laminate in an off-white color. The backsplash was also off-white tiles. I struggled with the off-white since all of the trim throughout the house was white....except the family room which was all dark pine. So when we changed out the counters and backsplash, it allowed the opportunity for complete consistency. We eventually had every speck of dark pine in the family room painted white an the kitchen and family room walls were painted a nice neutral. I love the way it all looks!

Here is a before on the kitchen. Key changes for me were getting rid of that ledge separating the kitchen counter from the bar area. That was a fun place to accumulate junk. Also I got rid of the appliance garage in the corner, added some more under-counter lighting, and got a new stove too! The new stove has a glass top which is much nicer than our previous stove with the electric coil elements and drip trays (yuck!). And you can see the plaid wallpaper I had in kitchen had off-white but some of the trim was white. Not a good match.

Here is the after:

Here is the view from kitchen to family room before the changes. The walls were painted in a Ralph Lauren suede which was cool. But I DO NOT miss the dark pine.

Here is the after view. I think the colors make the couch, TV cabinet and pictures just pop. Who's with me on that?

And one last picture to get a better look at the tile backsplash.

Fresh and new - lovin' it. Last step - new curtains!


Paula said...

I love your changes. Every thing looks terrific. Great job. Of course, I liked your "before" living room too. You would HATE my house . . . wood EVERYWHERE!

Deb Hanna said...

I love it! Amazing what a few changes can make, so much lighter and brighter.

michelled said...

Thanks, you guys! It was worth the time, effort and money!

Jamie said...

Verrrry nice!