Monday, March 30, 2009

Ritual of Spring

Burning brush is a spring ritual for my hubby. The ritual goes way back to his childhood. I think his family would bond in their brush burning. And now that ritual is part of our family. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures because I was in the front yard collecting piles of stuff for the burners. I didn't get a picture of Jack proudly hacking away at random branches in the woods with a little ax (such a guy thing), or Luke tossing in sticks and branches (after carefully inspecting them to be sure they weren't awesome weapons). But I did grab a shot of Daddy's best helper....

Here is the burn Master. Don't hate us because our woods are beautiful.

And here is the Master's helper, sporting the adult-sized mismatched work gloves.

Burning brush just got a little bit cuter.


Deb said...

so... um... am I the only one that finds it a little disturbing that he set up his fire on top of a floor covering of dead leaves? seems like an accident waiting to happen. but Miss A looked totally cute!

michelled said...

Ahhh...Deb. You question the Master?? You must know that he has a very methodical and specific process. He actually trimmed big branches to put them neatly in the brush pile in the form of a tee pee. There is always a hose right near by....and don't forget..the ground is wet. :)