Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - Blogging

I started my blog back in August of last year. I started it primarily as a way to keep current with photography...to have a reason to take more pictures. Although, it's no secret to my friends and family that I'm very much into reading other blogs. I feel like I hear myself quite often saying, "I was reading this blog the other day and...". I didn't really expect to have a regular following of readers. I don't really know if I DO have regular readers...except a few friends and family who tell me that they keep up with it. And that is enough to keep me going!

For today's 10 on Tuesday post I'm going to share ten reasons why I like blogs and blogging.....

1. As I said above, blogging makes me want to keep taking pictures of my kids on a regular basis. There are so many blogs that I read that share cute and funny stories (and beautiful pictures) about their kids that I enjoy reading. And I've got cute kids who do cute things, so maybe somebody will want to hear about them?!? Certainly the family members who don't see them often must!

2. Blogs are FREE. I'm not out spending money when I'm blogging!

3. I'd always wanted to write journals about the cute things my kids do but never succeeded with that. Do you know that there is a company out there called Blurb that creates books from blogs? So I can download my blog and customize the blog posts into a hardcover book. That's a heck of a lot easier and cooler than handwriting a journal. And I understand the Blurb books are not outrageously expensive. So I think I will try it when I hit the year mark! Stay tuned.

4. I learn SO much from reading other people's blogs, particularly about photography. I regularly follow a group of photographers (see the sidebar of my blog) and most of them have opened themselves up to Q&A sessions. I've also learned about what I yearn to have - A Canon 5D camera. All of my favorite bloggers have that very camera (except Pioneer Woman - she uses Nikon). Oh, and Pioneer Woman has regular posts about photography and she goes step by step with her teachings about camera settings, Photoshop, etc.

5. I'm not a big book reader and haven't been for years. But reading some blogs is like reading novels you can't put down. Take for instance the Nie Nie Dialogues. Here is a beautiful mom of four children who is a popular blogger. She and her husband were in a near fatal plane crash last August and she was burned over 80% of her body. She miraculously survived and just started blogging again. She writes beautifully and I find myself desperate to know what life has in store for her after her tragedy.

And then there is Pioneer Woman, of course. She has posted the entire story of her love affair with her husband Marlboro Man. It's addicting!

6. You can win free stuff from blogs! Pioneer Woman has giveaways all the time (GOOD STUFF!) and some of the other blogs I follow have occasional giveaways. I haven't won a blessed thing yet, but I'm bound to someday if I keep it up!!!

7. I've expanded my technology skills from having a blog. I've learned how to customize my blog, how to upload bigger pictures, and how to add a free Hit Counter and other neat "gadgets" to my blog. I've learned about photo sites like Flickr and Photobucket.

8. I dare say I've made some new blogging friends. Well, I really owe a lot to Deb for getting me hooked on this whole thing. She really opened my eyes to the whole world of blogging. She is the one who also told me about Pioneer Woman. But I've also met some others like Paula and Lisa.

9. I've even earned a little money blogging....well, through trading blogging skills for handyman work! I just helped my carpenter friend start a blog and he's going to help me with some stuff in return. That's like earning money, right?

10. My kids (and hubby) like to read my blog and they inspire and support me.

Holy cow... I made it to ten. I wasn't sure I could get there! This will probably be my only ever nonpicture blog post. See you tomorrow for Way Back Wednesday.


Deb Hanna said...

Love it! I just printed Hannapalooza from Blurb- remind me to show it to you. as you know I too am addicted to blogging and reading blogs- so glad you started one.

lgaumond said...

Aw, thanks for mentioning me. I love blogging for the same reasons that you do. It keeps me connected and makes me feel like a member of a community, albeit a virtual one.

I've also found some great websites thanks to you. Erin Very has be come one of my favorites and I think of you every time I visit.

Ans speaking of photography, I think it's time to light a fire under Jamie and get Dig Our Pics back on track!

Thanks again and have a great day!