Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - My Cell Phone

I thought of a Ten on Tuesday post I know I can finish! I was waiting to pick up Luke at preschool and was looking at my cell phone pictures. Haven't you ever wondered what someone has for cell phone pics? Well, here are ten of my favorites in no particular order.

Here is my Chica passed out on my bed one day. I can't remember why I took this picture, but it might have been to show Chris the end result of a total meltdown.

I love this picture. Chica and I hit Target one day and I ended up taking her to Panera Bread for lunch. She was beyond cute and did such a great job with her lunch. She was so happy and such a good girl and I clearly could see the future with her....us having a nice lunch while the boys go fishing or do some other boy stuff with Dad.

Here is a shot from dinner one night at the 99. I particularly love Chica's smirk smile. This is a signature face of hers.

Here is my Luke having a nap while on our way to the Cape for vacation last summer. He's all snuggled up with his blankie and his brothers are hiding from the camera behind their pillows. This picture fits perfectly with the series I posted of Luke here. I don't think I will ever forget the stench of rotten milk that we had to suffer through as a result of a forgotten sippy cuppy that leaked under one of the seats.

I think this picture was taken as we were waiting for Chris to return from buying ice and beverages on our way to Nauset Beach one morning.

This one is probably one of my favorites. Will never delete this one.

Here is a shot I sent Chris one day when I attempted a photoshoot with Chica at a pond nearby that has a couple swans. Swans are special to us as a couple, so I quickly shot this and sent it to the hubby. His reply was something like, "Why is there only one? What are you trying to say?". He had proposed to me in Boston over the swan pond....and swans mate for life.

I took this one of Buddy while I was waiting to pick up Luke. Buddy loves to ride in the car in front seat and he always looks like quite the king.

Here is another one I took at dinner one night at the 99. This Chica worships her Daddy. This shot captures it.

Just a cute shot here of Chica we sent to Daddy when he texted me to say her missed her.

What's in YOUR cell phone? (Insert voice from Capital One credit card commercial)

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Paula said...

How sad. I don't even have 10 pictures in my cell :-(