Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I have a mish-mash of thoughts and comments for this Tuesday's post:

1. First and foremost. Today is a special friend's birthday. This special friend is the one shown with me in this post. Suzanne and I have known each other for probably 35 years. I grew up in her house (figuratively) with her great family. Suzanne is enjoying her XXth birthday today in the hospital recovering from surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. I am wishing her a speedy recovery and a wonderful birthday.

2. A couple weeks ago I was given the book Twilight to read from a friend. I started reading to see what all the hype was about. EVERYONE's talking about it...so I really needed to check it out. Well, now I have finished the first two books in the series. My family just looks at me with open mouths as I fly through these books. I'm not much of a reader since I had children. I'd much rather sleep, do crafts, clean, do yard work, take pictures, watch TV.... you get the drift. Well, I watched the movie On Demand Sunday and I have to admit, I'm hooked. Can't wait to get the next book, can't wait for the next movie to come out, totally hooked. Last night Chris came to bed and we watched some TV. He reached over with his cold feet to try and warm them on me. (I didn't even have cold feet and I'm the one that wears the Smartwools to bed all winter). I can't even tell you how cold his feet were. I thought to myself, this is what it would feel like to touch Edward Cullen.

3. Six more days until the Red Sox home opener. Ya hoo.

4. Deb was over the other day and she was giving me some photography pointers and tips. One pointer was about shooting with backlight. Here is a practice picture of Chica that she took:

And here are two shots she took inside which I made black and white. They truly are Chica faces.

5. Right now I'm in the middle of a project to download all of Chris' CD music collection to his MacBook so I can get rid of the CD's. We just don't have the storage space for the CD's anymore and they are becoming obsolete anyway. Chris and I take turns downloading several CD's at a time. My grand plan involves selling the CD's and saving the money towards a Canon 5D. There are probably close to 600 CD's. If I could sell them all for $2, that would make a nice dent. Doesn't hurt to dream.

6. Deb introduced me to yet another blog which I love. The blogger is a mom of 7....six boys and one girl! And the boys are all very into baseball. What's not to love? Click here and look for her post entitled 25 Easy Steps. Hilarious. Click here and look for a post entitled No, He Can't Win. This one reminded me of my hubby and me. This woman is a modern day Erma Bombeck.

7. Easter is right around the corner. One chilly afternoon Chica, Luke and I decorated a little tree out front with the Easter eggs Nini got us.

8. We have been having some beautiful weather and I'm pleased that when I look out the window I'm seeing more of this lately:

9. My favorite cereal growing up was Lucky Charms...with Corn Pops a close second.

10. I just reached 4,000 blog hits since I started with this last August. Thanks to all who stop by!!


Deb Hanna said...

I made your 10 on Tuesday post! love the Twilight stuff. Book 3 is my favorite. let me know if you want to borrow my books. glad to hear your friend is doing well.

Deb Hanna said...

hee hee I see you swapped out the pics.