Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cool Riders

I took some pictures the other day of Chica and Luke riding around on our little dirt bike. Too cute not to share. It was one of those happy times that they were getting along well and not pushing each other's buttons.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bat Boy

This week I'm going way back to when my firstborn son, at four years old, was the bat boy for his cousin's team. Now my firstborn son has his strengths and weaknesses like every other child. One of his strengths is clearly his ability to sit still. We were so amazed that this little guy could sit on the bench for at least a couple of hours, without fidgeting, and seemingly focus on the game. Of course, he would run up and pick up a bat every now and again. But his ability to sit there was, I believe, amazing for his age. As he grew older we realized that he really knows a lot about baseball and really understands the game....where to get the out, etc. I do believe he learned a lot from sitting on that bench and watching his cousin's team play. And there was nothing cuter than that four-year old in the big-boy uniform.

There he sat, wedged in between the water jug and the supplies, with his feet dangling.

With "the guys"

Bringing up the rear....

Performing his duties...

And this photo was taken by one of the player's moms who obviously had a good camera. I remember her taking the shot.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Take Me Out to Some Ball Games

Ahhh....the first big baseball weekend just passed. The camera was around my neck for all four games.

We started on Friday. My nephew plays for UCONN and we planned on taking in their game vs. Big East rival, St. John's. Lucky for me I traded Luke and Chica for our good buddy, T. So I really got to watch the game and try for some action shots. And it was gorgeous weather!!

Here are the boys right when they got there, pointing at their big cousin in left field. He was warming up and the game was just about to start.

Here is a shot of him sliding into second. The boy's got some wheels....I've always said that.

He was nice enough to hit a homer for us, and here he is rounding the bases after the out-of-the-park bomb.

UCONN wasn't able to get the win, but it sure was a win for the boys and me. Beautiful weather, great game....and a little Q-T with the cousin.

Now on to my boys....on Saturday they had two games as part of a pre-season tournament. They have moved up to U-11 this year so we were anxious to see how they would compete. The first game they were down by 8 runs and ended up battling back to a 11-10 win!! So exciting. The second game they were down by 10 runs and came back to ALMOST win...but lost 12-11. My heart was pounding. The boys played their hearts out and we had two very exciting games. I took lots of pictures...and here are a few of my favs.

Game 2 - Ben sliding into home.

Jack fielding with his brother in the background.

Jack pitched three innings in the first game.

Here is Jack at catcher. I had a proud-mother-moment when he threw out an opponent stealing second.

Ben fielding at second.

Sunday was Luke's day! His first game was at noon and we all got to go and cheer him on. I was happy it was not a day of rushing in between games and we could really focus on giving him some attention. He did a great job and pleasantly surprised all of us with his skills! He's one of the youngest on the team, but he hit well and knew where to throw the ball! Here he is batting and fielding!

The only thing that could have made this weekend better were peanuts and cracker jacks!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back to the T

My husband has been dreading the return to T-ball. Luke had his first practice a couple weeks ago. He was so excited about starting with his new team. He was so excited to get his gear on and meet his new teammates. He was so excited to show what he already knows after watching his brothers and cousins play hundreds of games.

Here he is during the first group meeting. He looks so serious...and confident.

Happy to see here he looks very focused and attentive to the coaches.

This picture just makes me smile because you can see how the baseball pants are so baggy on his skinny little body...and I love the fist in the back pocket.

Somebody else in the house was insistent upon wearing cleats and insisted that this was HER practice too. I tried to distract her and send her to the swings and slide but she quickly made her way back to the team, finding herself a spot with the rest of the boys.

First games this weekend for all of the boys. Can't wait to get the camera going!

Edward Cullen's Kid?

I hope all of you Twilight readers will appreciate this. This was my child on an Easter Egg hunt a few days before Easter. He is definitely pale, but I'm not sure if the camera exposure exaggerated his paleness.

I have read the first three books in the Twilight series and finished "Book One-Bella" in the fourth. So the idea of my child as a little vampire isn't so crazy...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Way Back Vacation

I'm on my hubby's computer right now because he had to take mine to have the key board looked at.  It wasn't bad enough that the Shift key has been missing on the left side, but now the Enter key has popped off. So, looks like a new keyboard may be coming. Although it's likely a whole new computer will be coming for me soon too.  

It's vacation week here and today we've got friends over playing with the big boys. Chica is following them around and Luke went to a movie.  So I raided the pictures on my hubby's computer, and in the spirit of vacations, here are a few old vacation pictures of the kids.

Here is the crew mini-golfing at Cape Cod. What cracks me up here is that the boys are wearing cleats.

This next picture demonstrates how dirty one child can get playing outside with some dirt. This was also on Cape Cod.

That's all for now because I can't figure out how to drag photos on this Macbook!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Birthday parties are always a struggle. Trying to come up with new ideas and putting together a party that won't cost you a pretty penny are challenges for me. So I was pretty happy when Ben said he wanted to take some friends to see Monsters Vs. Aliens for his recent birthday. That didn't seem overly difficult. Ben had 6 friends come over, play for a little while, have cake and ice cream, open presents and then head out to the movie. It worked out very well overall.

Here is the only picture of Ben that came out okay. I was having problems with focusing my 50 mm lens that day and also on Easter, so I was pretty depressed when I saw the pictures.

And I always enjoy trying to make some sort of cake for my kids. I love the taste of good 'ole homemade Betty Crocker cakes. So I searched the internet and found this monster cupcake idea. Very easy to make!! The tongues are made of Airheads...which have this crease on the back side from the wrapper. They make perfect tongues!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tooth Today, Gone Tomorrow

Lots of exciting things happened to Ben this week. Lots of birthday recognition and presents and then Easter too. Then to top it off, the tooth that has been dangling in his mouth for the last few weeks finally came out, just as he was walking off the bus on Tuesday. This is only his third baby tooth to come out, and it was one of the top front teeth. Most kids his age have had those adult teeth in for a while now. But he doesn't care...because he is so excited!!!

Here is the snaggletooth a few days before it came out.

Here is his new look... (desperately in need of a new haircut which he just got)

And here is just about the cutest letter ever to the tooth fairy. My kids have gotten in the habit of leaving the tooth fairy notes and love when he/she writes back. On top of the letter is the little pillow that we got as a gift when Jack was born! There is a little pocket to put the tooth in. The tooth fairy takes the tooth and leaves the loot. Ben got $3 for his tooth.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Way Back Brothers

Jack and Ben are 19 months apart. They are very similar in many ways and have a lot in common. They are also very different. There is sibling rivalry, which is a totally new and unfamiliar topic for me. I never had brothers. But although there is the sibling rivalry, I'm thankful that they both enjoy the same things....particularly sports. A day doesn't go by when they aren't competing in some type of sports activity. Mini-sticks, street hockey, baseball, soccer. It doesn't always end pretty. But I do notice that when they play together on real sports teams, they really work well together and can rely on each other. And that's pretty cool.

When I was going through old pictures for Ben's birthday post, I came across a couple of old pictures of the two that I wanted to share.

Here they are, standing in front of the TV. This kind of contact doesn't happen a lot, so luckily I captured it. I'm guessing they were about 1.5 and 3ish.

And here is another. For some reason, I always loved this picture. The two of them leaning on each other in the morning with all of their special stuffed animals. Serious faces. Can't explain why, but I love it. It was just the two of them back then!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Eight years ago, at one minute into the thirteenth of April 2001, my Benjamin was born. (It was both Good Friday and Friday the 13th.) He was born with a bunch of dark hair and a beautiful little face....both of which he still has. My second born boy..... easy-going, sensitive, happy, quiet. He doesn't tell me much. He's one of those boys that's going to make me work for information. He doesn't look a thing like me on the outside, but there are definitely some things on the inside that we being our love for dogs. He plays equally well with the older kids and the younger kids. He's quick on his feet, quietly competitive and holds his own when he's the youngest player in the game. He is a special child.....truly a gift from God

Some pictures of the birthday boy over the years:

A few days old, sunning in his car seat.

Happy, happy baby.

As a toddler...I always loved this picture.

My little slugger starting early....

This is when I realized he looks like Jason Varitek with a buzz cut.

At his fifth birthday party

My fearless outdoorsman

Focused on the soccer field....

Just the other day...with his best friend.

Happy birthday, Ben! Hope every birthday brings you as much joy as you bring me every day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Herding and Fetch

Luke, Chica and I went over to let Kiah out the other day and play with her for a while. She has gotten so big!! And even more beautiful day after day. Just look at these markings.

I love the way dogs have their instincts. Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. I sent Luke for a little run and there was Kiah, trying to herd him back to me.

It was SO cold out that day. Here is another herding picture and look at the snow flakes!

Kiah also likes to chew leaves and sticks and anything else she can find on the ground. Such a puppy!

So we were excited to bond with Kiah a little more that day.

And here is an updated picture of Chewie. This dog LIVES and BREATHES for fetch. Which breed did he get this from?? Poodle or Cocker??? His hair has grown in somewhat and we can almost tolerate looking at him now. (We really do just adore him!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baseball...way back

With major league baseball starting this week I thought I'd throw out an oldie I came across recently when I was looking for some photos to post of Chris' childhood friend that we recently connected with on Facebook. Here is my hubby and his rec baseball team all suited up for the team picture. Boy have times changed. I have to assume that this is what they wore to play...long jeans and belts! Ahh...we got a good chuckle over this one. Although those wide-brim hats are sure making a comeback!