Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back to the T

My husband has been dreading the return to T-ball. Luke had his first practice a couple weeks ago. He was so excited about starting with his new team. He was so excited to get his gear on and meet his new teammates. He was so excited to show what he already knows after watching his brothers and cousins play hundreds of games.

Here he is during the first group meeting. He looks so serious...and confident.

Happy to see here he looks very focused and attentive to the coaches.

This picture just makes me smile because you can see how the baseball pants are so baggy on his skinny little body...and I love the fist in the back pocket.

Somebody else in the house was insistent upon wearing cleats and insisted that this was HER practice too. I tried to distract her and send her to the swings and slide but she quickly made her way back to the team, finding herself a spot with the rest of the boys.

First games this weekend for all of the boys. Can't wait to get the camera going!

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