Monday, April 6, 2009


My husband has got to be as pleased that he has three sons that like baseball, camping, fishing and mac-n-cheese as I am that Chica likes to pose for pictures. This past Sunday our oldest requested that Dad take them 'backpacking' near Grandma's. So off they went, picking up another outdoorsy friend on the way. Guys just love their gear. They were all packed up with lots of gear....more than I realized until they got home and I heard the stories. Jack was particularly excited about the water pouch that he could drink along the way.

So I threw my pocket-sized Canon ELPH in the front seat of his car and asked Chris to take some pictures. I was curious to see what the woods and waterfall looked like behind Grandma's house. I was also hoping for some good blogging material.

He did not disappoint. Take a look at some of these neat pictures my backpackers brought back.

I'm guessing this one was early on, as they were all fully dressed:

One of my two favorites. What was Jack's rush?

Not sure what this was, but the boys looked cute inspecting it:

The infamous waterfall. I like my hubby's composition on this one:

Look, they even had to take their boots off and 'cross' the river:

HUGE excitement - the boys spotted their first snakes of the season.

I think this is where Jack had just fallen and bumped his head.

And my other favorite shot of the day.

Good job, hon. Great pics!

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Deb Hanna said...

well done Chris- those are great! looks like they had a great time.