Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bat Boy

This week I'm going way back to when my firstborn son, at four years old, was the bat boy for his cousin's team. Now my firstborn son has his strengths and weaknesses like every other child. One of his strengths is clearly his ability to sit still. We were so amazed that this little guy could sit on the bench for at least a couple of hours, without fidgeting, and seemingly focus on the game. Of course, he would run up and pick up a bat every now and again. But his ability to sit there was, I believe, amazing for his age. As he grew older we realized that he really knows a lot about baseball and really understands the game....where to get the out, etc. I do believe he learned a lot from sitting on that bench and watching his cousin's team play. And there was nothing cuter than that four-year old in the big-boy uniform.

There he sat, wedged in between the water jug and the supplies, with his feet dangling.

With "the guys"

Bringing up the rear....

Performing his duties...

And this photo was taken by one of the player's moms who obviously had a good camera. I remember her taking the shot.

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Deb Hanna said...

awww so cute. my boy has the ability to sit still for 10 seconds so I am VERY impressed with J's skills. he is so cute too with his feet swinging.