Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dunks and Alley-oops

I would not describe my boys as big risk-takers. They lean more toward the conservative side, which is fine with me. The boys have had no real interest in the sport of basketball, which has also been fine with me since we have been letting the boys play indoor soccer and we have been investing in season ski passes for the family the last few years. But I think the excitement of the NCAA tournament has sparked something in the boys in the last few weeks. I came out to check on the kids one rainy afternoon and found the following scene:

The wheelbarrow was turned upside down and being used as an aid for "dunking and alley-oops".

I have to admit, I was sort of taken back with this concoction. What if he slipped and fell and broke a wrist or arm or ankle? His baseball team wouldn't be too pleased. But I didn't say anything. As painful as it is to think of him sitting on the bench with a cast, I bit my tongue, snapped a few pictures and went inside.... hoping and praying that he wouldn't learn a hard lesson.

Lord knows with the genetics in our families he will never really know what it's like to do a real alley-oop.

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