Monday, April 13, 2009


Eight years ago, at one minute into the thirteenth of April 2001, my Benjamin was born. (It was both Good Friday and Friday the 13th.) He was born with a bunch of dark hair and a beautiful little face....both of which he still has. My second born boy..... easy-going, sensitive, happy, quiet. He doesn't tell me much. He's one of those boys that's going to make me work for information. He doesn't look a thing like me on the outside, but there are definitely some things on the inside that we being our love for dogs. He plays equally well with the older kids and the younger kids. He's quick on his feet, quietly competitive and holds his own when he's the youngest player in the game. He is a special child.....truly a gift from God

Some pictures of the birthday boy over the years:

A few days old, sunning in his car seat.

Happy, happy baby.

As a toddler...I always loved this picture.

My little slugger starting early....

This is when I realized he looks like Jason Varitek with a buzz cut.

At his fifth birthday party

My fearless outdoorsman

Focused on the soccer field....

Just the other day...with his best friend.

Happy birthday, Ben! Hope every birthday brings you as much joy as you bring me every day.

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Deb Hanna said...

happy Birthday Ben! love those pictures- age 5 Ben is how I always think of him.