Thursday, April 9, 2009

Herding and Fetch

Luke, Chica and I went over to let Kiah out the other day and play with her for a while. She has gotten so big!! And even more beautiful day after day. Just look at these markings.

I love the way dogs have their instincts. Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. I sent Luke for a little run and there was Kiah, trying to herd him back to me.

It was SO cold out that day. Here is another herding picture and look at the snow flakes!

Kiah also likes to chew leaves and sticks and anything else she can find on the ground. Such a puppy!

So we were excited to bond with Kiah a little more that day.

And here is an updated picture of Chewie. This dog LIVES and BREATHES for fetch. Which breed did he get this from?? Poodle or Cocker??? His hair has grown in somewhat and we can almost tolerate looking at him now. (We really do just adore him!)

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