Saturday, April 18, 2009


Birthday parties are always a struggle. Trying to come up with new ideas and putting together a party that won't cost you a pretty penny are challenges for me. So I was pretty happy when Ben said he wanted to take some friends to see Monsters Vs. Aliens for his recent birthday. That didn't seem overly difficult. Ben had 6 friends come over, play for a little while, have cake and ice cream, open presents and then head out to the movie. It worked out very well overall.

Here is the only picture of Ben that came out okay. I was having problems with focusing my 50 mm lens that day and also on Easter, so I was pretty depressed when I saw the pictures.

And I always enjoy trying to make some sort of cake for my kids. I love the taste of good 'ole homemade Betty Crocker cakes. So I searched the internet and found this monster cupcake idea. Very easy to make!! The tongues are made of Airheads...which have this crease on the back side from the wrapper. They make perfect tongues!

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Deb Hanna said...

You should have entered those in the library cupcake contest.